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Important Safety Features Your Car Should Have


2019 has been the watershed year for Indian road safety. Many safety features have become mandatory for modern vehicles. Many features are all set to become part and parcel of your vehicle. In such a scenario, it becomes important to understand what features should be a part of your car and what features your potential car will hold.

This blog gives you a list of 9 car safety features to look for when buying your next car. 

What safety features should your car have?



The importance of seatbelts cannot be understated. Seatbelts are solely responsible for avoiding critical injuries and even deaths. They help the passengers stay in the right position to avail the benefit of the airbags. It also prevents passengers from being ejected from their seats.

Shatter-resistant glass:

 In a typical car accident, glass breaks into large chunks and pierces skin and eyes causing bleeding and even blindness. A shatter-resistant glass can be the preventive medicine to this practice.

Shatter-resistant glass is made up of polyvinyl butyral or ethylene-vinyl acetate(EVA). The glass absorbs the impact to create a spider web like shape and breaks into numerous tiny pieces in an accident. Thus, it prevents the glass from entering your skin and eyes.

Antilock brakes (ABS):

 Antilock braking system is a safety anti-skid braking system for aircrafts, land vehicles, cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses. It prevents the wheels from getting locking up, avoiding uncontrolled skidding. ABS offers improved vehicle control and decreases the stopping distance on both dry and slippery surfaces.

Traction controls:

Traction control technology is one of the most important features in a modern vehicle. They employ speed sensors like the antilock braking system. The traction system receives a signal that one wheel is spinning more quickly than the others. It automatically applies the brakes on that wheel to reduce its speed and lessen wheel slip.

Automatic emergency braking (AEB):

This is one of the best features any car should have. The automatic emergency braking will sense a potential collision and if you are not able to react in time, the car will automatically brake. Make sure any car you buy has this feature.

Rearview Camera:

Rearview cameras enable the driver to have a clear view of what's behind the vehicle when reversing. It also protects children and animals from being accidentally run over. The cameras use wide-angle lenses to give up to 180 degree backward views.

Pedestrian protection system:

 The pedestrian protection system is an accident avoidant feature made compulsory by the NDA government. This would put Indian automakers ahead of their European and other western counterparts.

In a typical accident, a pedestrian collides with the front of the car. The pedestrian protection system features electronic systems to detect the exact impact between the vehicle and the pedestrian. It also includes a new bonnet design to keep the pedestrian safe. 

Tire-pressure monitors:

Tire pressure monitors help vehicles detect a vehicle’s underinflated tires. If the tires are not inflated, they can cause wear and tear and lead to serious damage. 

One such feature is the safety exit assist:

Safety Exit Assist temporarily stops kids from opening the back doors when vehicles and bicycles are approaching from behind. It has the potential to be one of the most sought after features in modern cars. 

These are the various car safety features that are currently available in all Indian cars. Many new features are on their way to enhance your comfort and safety.



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