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Importance Of Wearing A Helmet In Pillion Rider


There is famous saying prevention is better than cure. People come up with so many excuses for not wearing a helmet, like it is not so comfortable, it is boiling to wear a helmet, it is going to spoil my hairstyle or most commonly I am just going nearby so I what is the need of wearing a helmet for short distance. These are just a few examples that people come up to avoid wearing helmets. Question is what helmet is? A safety gear or fashion statement? Or just a hat on top of head to safeguard ourselves from paying fines and avoiding challans. A helmet is a protective gear worn on the head to safeguard the head, brain and the whole face from any kind of injuries. It is not just crucial for the rider to wear it but for the pillion riders as well.

Helmets are only worn by people who ride two-wheeler but if we look in the past, it has a long history. It's used for ages to safeguard head from any kind of trauma. From wars to the road it came to a long way. Our ancestors knew its outstanding even soldiers don’t go in the battlefield without it then why riders who commute daily on their vehicles avoid it? Riders don’t wear a helmet, so what to expect from pillion riders.

Why should we wear a helmet?

Going by the statistics almost 1,50,000 people per year die due to road accidents which make 400 people are dying per day. A vehicle which is accounted for a higher share of death is two-wheelers as compared to four-wheelers. The helmet is 80% effective in preventing death in case of injuries. Are these statistics not enough to know how vital helmet is?

Benefits of wearing a helmet

Pillion riders are as prone to accident as the leading riders. They sustain injuries as critical as the leading riders. in case of any kind of accidents, the most vulnerable injuries that cause death is to the brain. Helmet safeguards not only, head, brain but also the whole face. There are incidents where face gets affected by the impact on falling off from the bike. That can lead to damage to any part of the face and the most affected part after the brain is jaw. Jaw fracture is equally painful and sometimes fatal too. A helmet provides overall protection. This is not only the reason there are several other benefits of wearing a helmet like:

  • Protect your eyes from dust and any kind of pollutant in the air helping with the ability to see.
  • It keeps you warm and dry in case of rain or humid.
  • Prevents you from being hit by any bird, insects or any object flying in the air.
  • Makes you look stylish as well as responsible.
  • By wearing a helmet, you are following the law, setting an excellent example for people around you.
  • Save you from a significant financial loss that will occur from the medical expenses in case you meet any accident.

So, it's foolish thinking that its only riders who need to wear a helmet where it’s equally essential for pillion riders to wear it too. The helmet is very crucial and it's essential to realize its advantages earlier than being in a significant loss.

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