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Importance Of Synthetic Oil For Your Bike


As a human, we can't allow anything to harm our heart, the same goes with our bike. The engine, the heart of a bike, should be well taken care of; there's no point of buying the best model of a vehicle when you can't really take care of the same. Synthetic oil for bikes generally takes care of the bike and therefore, it is very important to decide which company you should prefer while you buy synthetic engine oil. Read about the benefits of synthetic oil and why it is important for your bike. Talking about the working of a bike engine, it is made up of different parts that work together to convert the fuel energy into mechanical force due to which friction is created. Synthetic engine oil is the solution for the same, through reducing the friction. Engine oils are of few types, namely synthetic oil, semi-synthetic oil and mineral engine oil, amongst which the most popular is the synthetic one, due to its lubrication property and high temperature resistance.


Why synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil is more beneficial than any other engine oil due to the following reasons mentioned below:

  • It flows well even in cold weather, i.e., in other words, it has the capacity to resist the temperature changes and function well.
  • Also, when you are using synthetic oil, its change frequency is lower than regular oil change frequency 
  • Decreased evaporative loss, i.e., it evaporates at a slower rate.
  • Improved fuel efficiency, which in turn also benefits the engine in the form of longer life.
  • Increased horsepower and torque due to less initial drag on engine.
  • Improved Fuel Economy as compared to the other engine oils.


Functions of synthetic oil

Gradually as you grow, your vehicle becomes your best friend if you take care of it. Taking care does not necessarily means washing your bike so that it looks good but also on the inner part, equal amount of care and efforts should be made in order to ensure a healthy life for your vehicle. What food and water do for us is what engine oil do for a bike, mentioned below are the functions:

  • Prevents rusting and corrosion: Synthetic oil contains some materials that inhibits rust and corrosion and provides a sense of protection to bikes against regular wear and tear.
  • Eliminates impurities: It generally contains elements, such as detergents, that helps the running parts to stay clean by removing the impurities.
  • Acts as a cooling agent: The engine oils helps the engine and its running parts to stay cool irrespective of the temperature. It prevents energy loss and deterioration of an automobile’s engine. It carries away the heat from the lubricated parts. Once the engine is switched off, the oil returns to the oil pan and ensures that temperature should never go above any specified limit.

Lubrication: The main purpose of using synthetic oil is to ensure friction gets reduced, engine oil lubricates the parts of an engine by covering these parts. The lubrication system must provide a continuous flow of the oil to all the engine parts so that the oil supply on each component is maintained to minimize wear

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