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Importance Of Special Travel Insurance For Pregnant Women


If you are a travel fanatic, waiting for 9 long months to travel would be a tough choice for you. But, with advances in the insurance sector, many insurance providers now offer coverage for pregnant travelers as well. However, traveling while pregnant can impose a huge concern for your loved ones. Due to this reason, it is essential that you choose a pregnancy travel insurance cover wisely to meet the uncertainties of traveling.

Coverage Offered for Pregnant Women Insurance

Although the coverage offered to pregnant women under travel insurance policies vary, following are some of the common coverages:

  1. Hospitalization expenses
  2. Pre-hospitalization expenses
  3. Post-hospitalization expenses
  4. Delivery expenses
  5. Transportation charges to hospital
  6. Vaccination charges
  7. Pre-natal and post-natal expenses based on the type of delivery
  8. Coverage for baby in case he/she is diagnosed with a congenital disorder
  9. Emergency expenses
  10. Personal Accident

However, not all insurers provide pregnancy coverage for traveling. You need to confirm the coverage details with your insurer. Also, there are certain limitations to the conditions in which the coverage is provided, they are:

  1. In case the pregnant women travel against the advice of her doctor, no coverage will be provided.
  2. If any complications persist during the pregnancy, no travel coverage will be provided.
  3. If you travel for more than the permitted pregnancy weeks, no coverage would be provided to you.
  4. No coverage is provided to the newborn child unless he/she is suffering from any congenital disorder.

However, some insurance provider allows you to skip these exclusions by paying an additional premium and fulfilling a medical assessment. Also, some insurers consider pregnancy as a medical condition due to which you might need to pay some extra premium to get the coverage. Make sure to check the coverage of your policy and verify if you will be covered whilst pregnant or you will need to buy the coverage additionally.

Why Do You Need Special Travel Insurance When Pregnant?

Travel insurance is a must-buy for all travelers, irrespective of the type of the traveler. Pregnant women who wish to travel would know the uncertainties associated with traveling while pregnant. A good travel insurance plan will cover almost all the potential issues that might occur and let you travel with peace. You can check out the travel insurance policies offered from Bharti AXA to get an idea about the comprehensive benefits of travel insurance. You can buy travel insurance online as well as enjoy many additional benefits from your travel insurance plan. Also, read out the 5 ways solo travelers benefit from travel insurance plans to know your benefits if you are traveling alone.

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