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Importance Of Pillion Rider Cover For The Safety Of Your Loved Ones Travelling With You


When you ride a bike, you are responsible not only for your safety but also the safety of your pillion rider. While a comprehensive bike insurance cover will ensure a third party and your vehicle against any damages, you will have to get a personal accident cover to insure yourself against any injuries sustained in the accident. But what about the pillion rider?

Is pillion rider a third party?

The first question that comes to mind when you think of the pillion rider is: whether she will be covered by the third party liability insurance? This depends on the situation. If no other party is involved in the accident, the pillion rider may be considered a third-party and compensated accordingly. But if another party is involved in the accident – they are considered the third-party and no coverage will be provided for the pillion rider.

Does my personal accident cover also extend to the pillion rider?

No. A personal accident cover without any add-ons only protects you and not your pillion rider.

Can I buy accident cover for someone else?

You can do this by buying a pillion rider cover as an add-on to your bike insurance policy. This means that you will have to pay an additional premium for this cover. But this will ensure that in case of an accident, your pillion rider is also compensated for any injuries including death and disability.

You can buy a personal accident cover for the pillion as an add-on for either comprehensive bike insurance policy or for a third party liability cover.

In case your vehicle is used for commercial purposes and a paid rider uses it for delivery, etc., you can get a personal accident cover for paid rider as an add-on as well. The Workman Compensation Act makes it mandatory for you to compensate your employees if they get injured while performing their duties. This add-on cover would help with such compensation.

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