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Importance of having a health insurance plan for hypertension patients


Hypertension is a medical condition which can cause serious problems in a patient, including heart disease and stroke. It is a condition where the walls of the blood vessels get constricted or lose their elasticity, due to which the heart has to exert more pressure to pump blood. Normal blood pressure of a human being is 120 upon 80 mm of mercury (mmHg). However, in the case of hypertension, the blood pressure can shoot up to levels higher than 130 upon 80 mmHg, which can be dangerous. Stress is the main trigger for hypertension, and if not kept within normal limits, can prove to be fatal. Therefore, it is all the more important for people with hypertension to get themselves a health insurance policy.

Reasons why purchasing a health insurance plan is important for hypertension patients

  • Medical costs are rising day by day, and it is becoming really difficult for the common man to afford doctors’ fees, diagnostic tests, expensive medical treatment, hospitalisation charges, etc. However, if you have a health insurance plan, you can get these expenses reimbursed.
  • These health insurance plans cover not only hospitalisation charges but also out-patient treatment charges or day-care expenses.
  • Patients are now increasingly turning towards private hospitals, instead of government hospitals, for getting good quality medical treatment. If you buy the appropriate health insurance plan that suits you best, you can go about your life without worrying about medical expenses. Worrying about medical costs can further aggravate your hypertension.

Factors to keep in mind while buying health insurance for hypertension:

  • You need to get regular medical check-ups done, at least twice a year, and the moment you notice a slight increase in your blood pressure, or if it is nearing the higher threshold of 130/80, you should start considering getting yourself a health insurance policy. If you wait till your blood pressure crosses the safe mark, then insurance companies will become reluctant to provide you with a health insurance plan.
  • Insurance companies usually have a waiting period of 2 to 4 years for pre-existing ailments, which includes hypertension, during which they do not compensate you for your medical expenses. This is an important point to consider for hypertension patients, and therefore you should get your policy as soon as possible.
  • The biggest advantage of getting your health insurance policy before your blood pressure breaches the 130/80 marks is that you will get the policy at a relatively low premium structure. You may get the policy even if you have developed hypertension, but you will have to pay very high premium rates.

Getting insurance coverage is not so difficult these days, as you can easily purchase it online. The big advantage of buying insurance online is that you can compare the numerous plans available from different companies and select the one that suits you best. Do consider the health insurance plans from Bharti AXA .

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