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The Increasing Importance Of Health Insurance Due To Ever-Increasing Cancer Rates In India


Cancer is a life-threatening health condition that has affected millions of people all over the world. According to the World Health Organization, every 1 in 6 deaths in the world are due to cancer.

Moreover, data from the ‘India Against Cancer’ organization suggests that 9.81% men and 9.42% women in India have a high risk of developing cancer before the age of 75 years. While breast cancer is most common (14% of all cancers) in women, the maximum number of cases in men are of oral cancer (16.1%).

While cancer causes immense physical and emotional pain, it can also drain you financially as its treatment costs can skyrocket in no time. Here is a breakdown of the costs related to Cancer: -

Diagnosis and Screening

Diagnosis helps in staging cancer and determining the further course of action. There are several tests to determine whether cancer in the body is malignant or benign. For example, mammography helps in the screening of breast cancer, PAP test for cervical cancer, biopsies, and cytology for lung cancer.


There are many treatment methodologies for cancer today, ranging from radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery and transplants to hormone therapy. These treatments involve different drugs, resources, time, and medical expertise, because of which they have different financial implications attached to them.

Furthermore, the patient’s past medical record, their response to the treatment, and other such factors also influence the cost of treatment. The cost of radiology lies between 10 to 2o lakhs, while that of chemotherapy per session is around 65 thousand.

Cost of transplants such as those of bone marrow can go up to 25 lakhs. One of the reasons for such staggering costs is that most of the equipment comes from abroad.

Palliative Care

Palliative care refers to an approach that helps patients and their families in improving their quality of life after cancer. The treatment helps reduce stress and discomfort faced by the patient and is an integral part of dealing with life-threatening condition. However, the palliative care cost in India is quite high in India. As a result, most patients decide to avoid it altogether.

Cancer Can Become a Huge Financial Burden

The overall cancer treatment costs may run into lakhs within the blink of an eye. . Thus, it is not uncommon for many lower and middle-class families to find themselves in dire straits while undergoing cancer treatments. It is also revealed that 18% of cancer patients in India delay medical treatment even after being diagnosed due to financial barriers.

What further compounds the burden on the patients’ families is the risk of relapse. Cases of relapse are not just emotionally and physically tormenting but can push a family into a deeper financial crisis.

Health Insurance: Your Silent Protector

If the cost of cancer treatment is borne by the patient, or patient’s family out of their pocket, it is apparent that it will soon become a huge financial burden. Needless to say, ending up your savings will only escalate your problems in such a situation.

A health insurance cover can safeguard you financially, providing you with sum assured after you are diagnosed with cancer or any such critical illness.

Having a health insurance during the time of critical illness can cover your financial worries to a great extent. With the rising number of cancer cases in India; therefore, it will be wise to safeguard your loved ones and yourself by buying an adequate health cover. This will not just put you at ease now but will be a significant support for your family.

So, secure yourself and your family against cancer today.

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