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Importance of Arranging A Health Check-Up Quickly For Your Beloved Parents


Regular health checkups are ways to prevent many diseases that are uncalled for. Health checkups after regular intervals can help detect any possibility of the onset of a fever at early stages itself. Especially adults who have crossed the fifties start to face many health issues.

More than 9 in 10 older adults suffer from a critical illness, and almost 8 in 10 have more than one. Problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, vision problems, depression, back pain have become common. So, it is quite evident that older adults need more attention as compared to younger adults. The frequency of the checkups depends upon the age, health and lifestyle of a person.

Benefits of Regular Check-Ups

  • Reduces your chances of getting sick
  • Helps detect potentially life-threatening diseases at early stages
  • Increase opportunities for treatment and cure
  • Limits the chances of complications by providing an early cure
  • Improves health and increases the lifespan
  • Reduces the cost of healthcare
  • Forms a good rapport with the doctor thus making the treatment more effective
  • Help stay updated on new medical information or technologies available


It is our primary duty to look out for our parents' health and encourage regular health checkups for them. Ensuring their physical and emotional health should be our priority. Money is no longer a constraint for these checkups as today; health insurance covers health checkup packages.

Doctors are also recommending patients to get regular health check-ups to maintain their health. They are highlighting the significance of prevention, as a means to reduce the number of patients requiring medical treatment or surgery.

Preventive healthcare is becoming common as people are growing more aware of their healthcare. Doctors are no longer just visited at the times of crisis, but today, the aim is to minimise the risk. People are seeking medical advice for themselves and their loved ones to live healthier lives through maintaining a diet, weight and level of physical activity. Some of the most common problems among older adults include:


1. Diabetes

Diabetes frequency is a growing problem worldwide, most common in people above sixties. However, you are at risk of getting the disease rises when you 45, which can turn into something serious. Therefore it is advised to get your blood and sugar checked from time to time.


2. High Blood Pressure

As you grow near the fifties, your blood vessels get less flexible, which puts pressure on the cardiovascular system that regulates the blood flow through your body. This might explain why about 2 in 3 adults over 60 have high blood pressure.

However, there are some other causes you can control - maintaining your weight, exercising, quit smoking, moving towards a stress-free lifestyle and eating healthy.

3. Heart Diseases

People aged between 40-60 are five times more likely to have heart diseases as people in their twenties or thirties. The primary cause is plaque buildup in your arteries. It is crucial to get such diseases detected at early stages as these can be life-threatening.

4. Obesity

Weighing a lot more than what is healthy for height can cause a lot more problems than just Obesity. It is linked to at least 20 chronic diseases including stroke, cancer, arthritis and many more.

5. Osteoarthritis

37% of people above 45 have osteoarthritis of knees for which age is a factor. Other reasons include obesity, high blood pressure and lack of physical movement.


Bharti AXA provides the coverage for regular health checkups with their health insurance policy. This secures the health of your loved ones even when you’re not around, without any financial burden. So, be there for your parents just as they were by keeping a check on their health by arranging at least one annual checkup.

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