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How Your Insurance Policies Help In Emergency Situations Abroad?


A smart consumer always plans for future contingencies by purchasing insurance to cover several key aspects of life. Insurance policies, especially medical and travel insurance offers an individual tremendous peace of mind.

Here are some reasons why it is important for customers to be travel insured.

1.Trip cancellation: Disruptions in travel and cancellations can happen anytime and for any reason. Travelers could fall sick, airlines could go on a strike or political problems could change travel plans. With trip cancellation as part of your travel insurance, it is possible to avoid losing money, especially where international travel is concerned. Talk to an insurance agent and understand all policy clauses before buying.

2.Medical insurance: Many Indian insurance companies have tied up with foreign insurance carriers. These companies have good policies to meet health insurance for overseas travel. In the current climate, it makes sense to have overseas coverage even if it means spending a bit of extra money. Again, check with your insurance company and make sure you have the coverage that you need. You never know when the insurance will come in handy, thus helping you not to - compromise on your health.

3.Evacuation coverage: If you are travelling to an area which is remote and may need to get evacuated, then make sure to get this coverage as well. Without international medical coverage, getting transported and getting emergency care can cause serious financial setbacks. Be smart and get adequate coverage and enjoy your well-earned holiday.

4.Lost luggage: Losing luggage can seriously hamper the holiday mood. Again, insurance companies offer policies which cover such eventualities. One thing to keep in mind while travelling is not to take along too many valuables like jewelry. It increases the odds of theft. Your general travel insurance policy may cover such a possibility – do your research and talk to your insurance agent for clarity. Airlines do offer some money in case of lost baggage, but it does not cover the loss of all your valuables.

5.Cancelled flights: If you planned a trip with lots of stops for a limited window like 2 weeks, then a single cancelled flight sector can have a cascading effect on the entire trip. Try alternatives like getting accommodated by other airlines and if this is not possible, travel protection policies will cover such an event. Get insurance for every leg of the journey as insurance is offered on a per-ticket basis.

What to Do Before Buying Insurance?

Thanks to the internet, it is easy enough to compare and then pick a policy based on:

  • Affordable travel insurance premiums
  • Free quotes from different sources

Travelling should be fun and not a challenge because you forgot to think of problems that could occur. When you are travelling with your family and you know someone has a pre-existing medical condition etc., it is always good to be prepared and have fun on your trip. This applies even to business travel – if your company does not provide travel insurance, you should consider getting a policy on your own.

Exclusions in Your Travel Insurance Policy

Just like you should check on items included in your travel insurance coverage, make sure to ask what will not be covered. Some items which are not covered are:

  1. Lost or damaged passports will not be covered by travel insurance policies.
  2. If you get a medical policy without disclosing pre-existing conditions before the policy goes into effect, you will not be covered and must pay for the care received on your own.
  3. Serious medical problems like HIV are not covered by insurance – it would be considered a pre-existing condition.
  4. Traveling against the advice of your doctor
  5. If you are diagnosed with a serious health issue just before your trip, the policy will not cover you.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of exclusions. Your insurance company will be able to advise you on what is excluded. Filing insurance claims is easy. Keep all the important documents in one folder and then file based on category. The next time you plan to travel overseas or send your child for advanced education, being insured is always a good idea. One could certainly explore health and travel insurance policies offered by Bharti AXA GI.

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