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How To Save For A Trip To Thailand?

Thailand is a traveler-friendly holiday destination for many reasons. Its proximity to our country, affordable accommodation rates, and an array of attractions make it one of the most visited places by Indian travelers.

So, if you too are planning to travel to this fun-loving land of beaches and sacred spaces, then let’s help you plan your savings towards the trip.

Step 1: Estimate The Cost Of Your Vacation

Before you zero down on any destination, the first thing to is what the estimated cost will be you will have to incur towards the same. A Thailand trip is expected to cost you anywhere between Rs. 50,000 to Rs.70,000 per person. This cost is inclusive of everything from your airfare, accommodation, visa, and entry fee at various attractions.

To help you understand better, let us breakdown the cost for you-

Air Fare- This can vary between Rs.7,000 to 12,000 depending on when you book your tickets. So, a two-way fare would cost you around anywhere between Rs.15,000 to 25,000.

Visa fee on arrival- Thailand Visa fee on arrival  will cost you somewhere around Rs. 4,000.

Accommodation- If you stay in a 3-4-star hotel, then they usually charge around Rs.2,000 per night, meaning you’ll have to shell out around Rs.12,000 to Rs. 15,000 for a six to seven-day stay. However, if you stay in a good resort (which are also relatively low priced as compared to that in other countries), you will spend around Rs.20,000 to Rs.30,000.

Transportation- For traveling, you’ll either have to take a taxi or a bus. Bus ticket pass usually costs Rs.300 and taxis aren’t that expensive either. However, you’ll have to insist on the drivers to use the meter to ensure they don’t overcharge you.     

Taking the cost of entry fees and other expenses at various attractions, clubs, massage parlors, and restaurants into consideration, you are likely to spend around Rs. 15,000-Rs. 20,000. This means your total cost may come out to be around Rs. 60,000 to Rs.70,000.

  Step 2:  Earmark Your Funds

  • After planning your travel dates, chalk out your expenditure plan, including how much you’ll spend on travel, visa, accommodations, and other expenses in Thailand.
  • Then, according to the amount you arrive at, open a savings account earmarked specifically for this trip’s fund. You may also prepare a strategy as to how to grow this fund large enough to cover your vacation expenditure budget. A savings account may not give your very high yield but is a safe option to earmark your funds while earning interest on your money. If you wish to receive higher returns but don’t want to invest in risky investments, then you may go for a high yield savings account. 
  • If you’re also planning to include any special events or activities like a stadium concert or a spa day, while in Thailand, then give them special consideration. You can even consider opening a separate savings account for that. This will ensure that you’re able to realize your dream, without facing the issue of insufficient funds.
  • Start as early as possible to save a good enough amount. Also, be disciplined to ensure that you do not withdraw money before you’ve crossed your set target, and the trip is just around the corner.

Another cost that you should include in your plan is that of buying Thailand travel insurance. Having this policy will ensure that your hard-earned and saved money doesn’t get spent on unnecessary expenditures arising due to travel contingencies. Travel insurance will insulate you from various challenges, which can otherwise make you go off your budget.

So, enjoy your Thailand vacation to the hilt by planning and saving the right way! Click here if you wish to know how much does a trip to Thailand cost?