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How To Save For Trip To Saudi Arabia


Diving among coral reefs in the Red Sea, cheering at camel races and buying handicrafts and souvenirs at Al Janadriyah, shopping at the huge luxurious malls, watching the spectacular fireworks display at the Jeddah festival and dining at authentic Saudi restaurants to sample the best of local cuisine. There’s a lot to do when you visit Saudi Arabia.

However Saudi Arabia is not exactly a cheap travel destination. With smart planning and a few travel hacks though, you can save big on your Saudi vacation.

Whether you are a solo traveller, a couple, family or a bunch of friends, here is a guide to maximise your savings when planning a trip to Saudi.


Do Your Homework About Saudi Arabia

It is useful to find out a bit about your travel destination before actually landing there. Do some research online about the peak tourist season, travel tips about the places you want to visit and best way to get there, where to hire local transport, which local SIM card to buy, timings and entry charges of popular tourist attractions, type of accommodation available and so on. All this information will help you plan your trip smartly in the most cost-effective way.

Use Those Reward Points And Discount Coupons

Be it your airline travel miles, loyalty reward points, early bird offers and discounts, single entry vs all-day visitor passes, food coupons, hourly vs full-day taxi rentals; make sure you check for the best deals and make the most of whatever discounts and free add-ons you are entitled to. You’ll be sure to save a tidy sum.

Book Flights And Accommodation In Advance

Flights and accommodation are usually the two most expensive items on the checklist for a vacation abroad. Saudi Arabia is no exception. You can save money on these big expenses by planning the dates for your trip and booking flights and hotels well in advance.   

Prioritise And Balance Activities

If you have indulged in some serious retail therapy at one of the glitzy shopping malls, try to balance it out by satisfying your hunger pangs with cheap yet filling street food. Local snacks are easily available, prepared hot and fresh in front of you and don’t cost much. It will help you save money and keep a control on your holiday budget.  

Another way to save is by prioritising and zeroing in only on those activities and seeing the places of your interest rather than spend money on everything touristy. 

Get An International Driving Permit

Hiring a car and driving around is the most convenient and also the cheapest way to travel within Saudi. After all we are talking about a country with one of the lowest fuel prices in the world! So it makes sense to visit the RTO to apply for an IDP or International Driving Permit.

Buy Travel Insurance

This is one purchase that can actually save you a lot of money and stress while travelling overseas. While mishap is the last thing you want to think of, it is always better to be prepared. A Saudi Arabia travel insurance policy will cover you from expenses arising from trip cancellation, hospitalisation, accident or loss of luggage or passport in a foreign country. You can purchase travel insurance online from any of the reputed insurance companies. 

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