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How to Review your Health Insurance Policy

How to Review your Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance policy is one of the most important things that you should apply for. It ensures that you are safe from any unwanted expenses for medical services. Furthermore, you can also avail tax savings on health insurance . However, it is important for you to review your insurance policy on a periodic basis. Some information may have to be updated on the basis of time:

Important Aspects of Policies
Policy Type

There are different types of policies as you know; health insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, property and casualty insurance, or auto insurance.


Which company is acting as the beneficiary? Customer service number or the contact information of your insurance agent should be ready.

Policy Number

It is always needed when you contact your agent or anything that has to do with your policy.

Date of Issue

The date of issue is important as each policy has an expiration date and they may charge you if you cancel the policy in the first five to twenty years period.


Keep track of the premium you pay and how many times you have to pay each time. You must have set an automatic premium deduction, check it up!


Always know who the beneficiary is and who all are covered under the policy.

Once you are done, look at the details of the policy such as benefits and restrictions. Find out about the areas where you are insured, duplicate coverage or more or less coverage areas.

Reviewing each policy
Life Insurance Policy Review

Keep track of the total death benefit, and any additional riders or an ability to access the death benefit early in the case of being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Long Term Care Insurance Policy Review

Know how long the benefit would last and it’s per day benefit’.

Health Insurance Policy Review

Know your deductible amount or health savings to use for that purpose.

Disability Insurance Review

Know the monthly benefit that is payable, how long it would pay you, and how the insurance company defines disability.

Property and Casualty Insurance Review

For property and casualty insurance, take a look at your total coverage connected to everything you own, and to your net worth. The more your net growth more the amount of insurance protection you have.

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