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How To Repair Dent In Your Bike


Driving a motorcycle is an adventurous experience. Imagine yourself wearing a stunning pair of sunglasses and driving on a countryside road, winds of which sway your hair, and a stupid dent on your bike. Brakes! You see how a simple dent can cause the entire experience to lose its sheen and wonder. That is why we recommend you to get your dent fixed. A dent, which can be a result of an accident or due to careless management of your bike, can be quite expensive to get repaired and freshly painted. However, a dent, big or small, can be easily removed at home using some handy tricks. Of course, if you are careful enough, you would already have bought a two-wheeler insurance policy which would cover your expenses pertaining to the repair of the dent.

How to fix the dent on your own?

Some double-tanked motorcycles pose a challenge if dented. However, if your motorbike has a single tank, then first of all, you need to remove the tank top. From thence, follow these easy guidelines to fix your dent:

  • The primary solution to repairing the dent is hidden in the sand. Yes! Sand the bare metal.
  • Then you need to apply Bondo on the dented portion. Mix the Bondo as per the guidelines mentioned on the package and apply it on the dent using a plastic spreader. You should cover the entire dent and leave some additional substance around the dent so as to use later while touching up.
  • After the paste has dried up, depending on the thickness of the paste, use grit within the range of 200 microns to start sanding the dent.
  • Keep on increasing the size of the grit to around a range of 1000-1500 microns so that the Bondo merges with the color of the paint, showing no signs of edges or external paint.
  • A deeper dent can be removed by repeating the process several times. Using a thick layer of Bondo followed by gritting the dent with a range of higher grit will do the trick.

A dent can also be fixed by simple tricks like heating or cooling the dent and then pushing the lower part of the impact crater outward. A plunger can be used, just like a bathroom suction that can suck the dent out. But before you use suction, make sure you clean the dent with a wet cloth so as to give the suction a firm grip over the area. You can always visit a nearby mechanic that will get your dent fixed without compromising on the paint cover.

Most importantly, even a small dent can cause a large headache and of course, extra investment. A bike dent repair cost can be very proficiently covered by a two-wheeler insurance policy that provides such additional cover through add-on benefits at the cost of a marginal excess premium.

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