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How to protect yourself against travel insurance scams


Planning to go on a pleasure trip during the vacations? As much as it is a fantastic way to unwind and rejuvenate, your trip can turn out to be a nightmare if you do not take care to avoid the travel-related scams which have proliferated in the wake of the online revolution. Now you can book flights, hotel reservations in your destination sight-seeing packages with just a few clicks. However, beware of the scams that abound and avoid them. Apart from getting travel insurance , here are some tips to avoid such scams:

Do not jump at the first travel deal you come across while browsing

There are countless travel sites on the internet which offer attractive deals, but understand that these companies may just be trying to undercut each other, and you may become a scapegoat. So, do your research thoroughly and independently, and always buy your travel packages only from very reputed and trusted travel sites.

Avoid third-party deals which may turn out to be fraudulent

Some companies look legitimate and reliable and offer mouth-watering discounts on your travel packages. However, after you have made your payments, they will not give you a discount on some pretext or the other. Alternatively, else, after giving you a discount on certain things, they may come up with some other exorbitant expenses which they had not stated earlier. It can result in nasty situations. Again, trust only reputed sites.

Ignore free vacation offers which are too good to be true

There are many sites which offer free vacation packages which are frauds as they sound too good to be true. Remember that there are no free lunches in this world. Keep your distance from such sites which offer free packages; they are only meant to dupe you.

Thoroughly cross-check offers to pay in advance to ensure low prices

There are flights and hotel reservation offers which give you big discounts if you book well in advance, but you need to cross-check such offers from the concerned airlines or hotels. Travel sites may tempt you to pay in advance and during specific hours to grab the discounts. Don’t fall for such offers blindly, but do your research to find out if such offers are authentic.

Be aware of currency exchange frauds

Then there is the scenario where you have to exchange currencies, either at your exit point or when you arrive at your destination. Ensure that you are up-to-date with the current exchange rates, or else you may not be given the right exchange amount.

Lastly, take out travel insurance for your trip to stay safe from such scams and frauds. Travel insurance will also help you enjoy your trip hassle-free and without any worries. While selecting your travel insurance company, find out how, and to what extent, your travel insurance claims will be met. Consider the plans of Bharti AXA to enjoy your travel worry-free.

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