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How To Plan For A Trip To Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is one of the most exotic travel destinations in the world. This largest country in the Middle East is a unique and stunning contrast of natural landscapes. Blessed with two beautiful coastlines while most of the land is covered by the world’s fifth-largest desert, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers visitors an opportunity to experience everything from the wild thrill of a desert safari to a relaxed seaside beach holiday among the Red Sea corals!

As a tourist you can enjoy a spectacular mix of outdoor adventure activities, beautiful beaches, historical sites, religious and cultural attractions, shopping in luxurious malls or at the traditional souks, there’s plenty to do in Saudi Arabia.

Whatever your interests you are sure to find something exciting to see and do in Saudi Arabia.

Places To Visit:

For Culture & History Buffs

Masmak Fortress (Riyadh), Al Rajhi Grand Mosque (Riyadh), Floating Mosque (Jeddah)

For Nature Lovers

Wadi Hanifah (Riyadh), Salam Park (Riyadh), Al Wahbah Crater (Taif), The Yellow Lake (Al Ahsa)

For Shopaholics

Red Sea Mall (Jeddah), Mall of Dhahran (Dhahran), Kingdom Centre Tower (Riyadh)

Popular Attractions

King Fahd’s Fountain (Jeddah), King Abdullah Environmental Park (Al Hofuf)


Planning For A Perfect Vacation

Before you travel to Saudi Arabia, especially if it’s your first visit, it is better to plan things in advance. Every country has specific entry and travel requirements. In Saudi Arabia these are particularly stringent.  Planning your travel will ensure you have a pleasant time, and also help you avoid any pitfalls that could become a trip spoiler.

Getting A Saudi Visa

Understand all the visa guidelines as the purpose of your visit will decide if you are eligible to apply for a visa. Till very recently one could only apply for a Saudi Visa if their purpose of travel fell under one of these categories – employment, business, visiting family, journalism or studies.

The Tourist eVisa for Saudi has recently been re-introduced, making it much easier for tourists to obtain a visa. You can take an appointment at the nearest Saudi Embassy or Consulate to apply for a tourist visa. Be sure to plan and apply for your visa well in advance of your travel as it could take between one to six weeks to be issued.  


Budgeting For The Trip

To know how much a trip to Saudi Arabia will cost, factor in the cost of flights, type of accommodation you want to book and entry charges for the activities and places that interest you. Remember to include overseas travel insurance in your budget. This is a necessary safeguard for your trip and not an additional expense.

Valid travel insurance when travelling abroad covers you in emergency situations like loss of passport, total loss of checked-in baggage or any mishap during your travel in the foreign land. Your Saudi Arabia travel insurance steps will also cover any medical expenses in case the need arises. After all you want to avoid incurring health expenses in a foreign country like Saudi Arabia as it can be really expensive.

Careful planning of your travel will ensure you return with pleasant and happy memories of your trip after enjoying the best of Arab hospitality. To plan a more detailed itinerary, check out tips and travel guidelines for Saudi Arabia.

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