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How To Plan For Trip To New Zealand


New Zealand is one of the most picturesque places on earth. A small island national with a population of slightly over 4.5 million people, New Zealand is made up of two major islands- North island and South island and a number of smaller islands located in the south-western pacific ocean.

The country is made up of some of the world`s most spectacular landscapes, from vast mountain ranges to beautiful beaches, it is a natural playground for thriller seekers and adventurers and those who simply want to explore the landscapes and culture.

For tourists, New Zealand offers a range of things to do while exploring the magnificent coastline and beaches tops the list for many, the also have a long of adventure and extreme sports for the adrenaline junky.

So if you are the relaxed explorer or the adventurous adrenaline packed tourist, New Zealand will surely impress you.

Places To Visit:

For Culture & History Buffs –

Stone store and Mission house (Kerikeri), Queen Victoria statue (Auckland), Pencarrow Lighthouse (Wellington), Takirao Rock shelter (Takiroa)

For Nature Lovers –

Mt Cook National Park (Aoraki), Hoho Rock (Coromandel), Wai-o-Tapu (Rotorua)

For Shopaholics –

Outlet City (Wellington), Westgate outlet centre (Auckland), Dress smart (Christchurch)


Planning For A Perfect Vacation

Before you travel to New Zealand, it is advisable you plan your itinerary well in advance. New Zealand has a lot of offer in terms of places to visit and things to do so planning your trip well will ensure you can explore the country in depths and make your trip memorable.


Getting A Visa

Before booking your trip to New Zealand, it is important you read and understand all the visa guidelines. Unlike other countries, New Zealand visa policy is pretty lenient. Indian tourist can apply for a tourist visa for a period of 9 months.

The tourist iVisa for New Zealand has made the procedure much simpler, instead of going to the embassy or consulate you can just apply for a tourist visa online and submit scanned copies of the necessary documents and get done with the application in under 20 minutes.


Budgeting For The Trip

Traveling to New Zealand can be expensive with their high currency value, but make sure you book your flight and accommodation well in advance. Factor in cost of additional activities you want to experience or book beforehand to get a good deal or early bird discounts. While traveling overseas, make sure you account for a New Zealand travel insurance policy in your budget. This is not an additional expense but will help you in case of any mishaps.

Travel insurance will protect you in emergency situations like loss of passport, your luggage getting misplaced or lost or cancellation of the trip. It will also cover any medical expenses which may arise due to any mishaps.


On your trip to New Zealand, you can also consider hiring a car and exploring the true scenic beauty the country has to offer which you may not using other modes of transport. However, before planning to drive in New Zealand make sure you read and understand their road rules and regulations. To plan a more detailed itinerary, check out tips and travel guidelines for New Zealand.

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