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How To Plan For Trip To Canada


If you have international travel on your mind, then Canada is the place to visit this summer. This holiday destination is full of things to do, see, and eat. We at Bharti AXA GI wants to help you have the best holiday with your loved ones to Canada this year.

• Set A Budget

Flight tickets and bookings are bound to take up many of your savings during your international trip. Make sure that you set a budget in advance considering commute, food, shopping and more. This way, you don’t overspend during your stay.

• Book Ahead Of Time

You’d want to visit various Canadian museums, amusement parks, national parks and more. However, plan ahead and call up these places to check whether they’d be functional during your visit as they are bound to shut down for the season or renovation.

• Go Local!

If you want to try Canadian delicacies such as poutine, Nanaimo Bar, Butter Tart and more; go to local bakeries and cafes. A lot of fancy restaurants serve the same food, but local bakeries and cafes serve authenticity.

• Beware Of Weather Changes

The Canadian weather is mostly pleasant during summers. However, you don’t know when the weather takes a cold route. The weather can be unpredictable, and it can get unexpectedly cold; make sure to pack a few warm jackets just in case.

Whether you go solo, or with your family, with above mentioned, tips you are bound to have a fun and exciting trip to Canada.

• Get Visa

If you are planning for a trip to Canada, solo or with your family and friends, you need a visa for stay. Visit our Canada Visa guide to know about the processes and documents required.

Get Travel Insurance

International trips are prone to uncertainty and cancellations. To avoid any hindrance to your plans, get travel Insurance plan for Canada and be ahead of it all.

Check the things you need to know about visiting Canada from India to make it a memorable one.

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