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How To Plan Bike Trip To Ladakh


A bike trip to Ladakh is nothing less than a dream for many people out there. There are people who have aspired about this dreamlike trip and have also accomplished it more than once. This trip is perfect for those who love to travel and explore new places. The steep curves, narrow roads and snow clad mountains make the journey even more adventurous. Here are some tips which you can adapt while commencing the journey.

  1. There are two ways to reach Ladakh via bike; one is from Srinagar, and the other one is from Manali. You can choose Manali to experience some highest motorable passes in the world.
  2. Plan your trip during the month May to October to get the best experience.
  3. Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Always carry a bottle along to avoid dehydration.
  4. Let your body acclimatize with the weather at this higher altitude. Give time to your body for the same. Only then, switch to any kind of physical activity including a normal or intense workout.
  5. Start jogging before some time you commence your trip. This way your body will build endurance.
  6. Once you reach Leh, you will need to collect the Inner Line Permit from the Leh office.
  7. Do not hassle for anything. Go slow and give your body some time to acclimatize.
  8. Smoking and drinking should be strictly avoided during the trip.
  9. Carrying cash will be helpful rather than depending on the ATMs.
  10. Always wear protective biking gears in order to avoid unforeseen mishaps.
  11. Carry a kit of necessary bike tools.
  12. The fuel stations will be situated at a greater distance; so it is advisable to carry extra fuel.
  13. Keep a day or two extra in your itinerary in order to avoid the rush in the schedule.
  14. Do not forget to buy your two-wheeler insurance before commencing your thrilling bike journey. Having travel insurance will be a smart step as it provides many covers under one policy.

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