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How to Have Theft Cover for Your Vehicle Online


According to The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory for a vehicle owner to obtain an insurance policy. According to this act, driving an uninsured vehicle on the streets of India is an offence. The registration certificate of the vehicle can be cancelled and the owner can be penalized until he/she obtains or renews the policy. Owning a vehicle is a dream come true for many and the right insurance plan can compensate the owner/third party in case of an accident.


Bharti AXA requires you to submit a couple of documents in order to apply for or renew your vehicle insurance online:

Driving License: The Company uses the license to check your driving record before allowing you to purchase a cover online.


Vehicle details: You will require to submit details like the car model etc. to help the company decide on the premium amount.


Other documents: Documents to prove your identity and address.


What are the steps in purchasing an online insurance policy for my vehicle?

Make sure you have all the relevant documents like the vehicle model, the date of manufacture, engine specifications and the market value of the vehicle. These documents are essential in calculating the insurance and premium amount.


Compare plans offered by different insurance providers. Evaluate the benefits offered by different plans taking into consideration different factors like the coverage for the vehicle, online renewal policies, add on covers etc. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the inclusions and exclusions of different policies.


Make sure you are clear about your expectations from the insurance policy.


Compare different types of insurance policies and quotes offered by different providers. Opt for a policy that best suits your requirements. Visit the official website of the insurer and fill in the required details like the registration number of the car and personal details.


Ensure that the Ensured Direct Value suggested matches your requirements. Set the IDV of the car. The premium to be paid reflects on the screen. You can pay the insurance premium through net banking, debit or credit card.


The policy will be emailed to your registered email id.


You have the option of downloading the policy in case you require a hard copy and use as and when required.


What are the benefits of buying theft cover online?

No paperwork

Buying an online insurance policy involves zero paperwork. You can fill up forms and upload the documents required online.


Saves time

The entire process right from applying for the policy to paying premiums is smooth hassle-free. Timely reminders ahead of payment dates ensure that you do not miss out on deadlines.

Research is vital before purchasing an insurance policy online. A cheaper policy might not necessarily offer you the coverage required. These points can help you in choosing the right theft cover for your vehicle.

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