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How To Get Bumper To Bumper Insurance For Mahindra SUVs


Mahindra SUV vehicles have taken the Indian market by storm and generated a fan following that has translated into buyers – making it a popular car. The SUV is built for stability and strength and can withstand rough uneven terrain. This is why the purchasers of the Mahindra SUV’s are often people who like to take it across long distances and even off-roading. These, of course, create wear and tear in the vehicle.

Having purchased a Mahindra SUV – should you then use it for such activities of refrain out of fear of damage? Most certainly, you must use the car for the purpose it is built but that doesn't mean your insurance cover cannot safeguard the investment you have made in your vehicle.

When and how can you avail of Bumper to Bumper Insurance for your Mahindra SUV?

When you take comprehensive car insurance for your Mahindra SUV you would think you have done the needful. After all comprehensive insurance gives: third-party policy + coverage for losses and damages to your car. But remember the insurance payout is specified in the fine print as post depreciation value.                          Depreciation is quite high – it is 50% on rubber, nylon parts, plastic parts, and batteries – 30% on fibreglass components . The insurance company will pay the amount calculated on IDV after deducting depreciation.

To avoid this substantial loss – it is recommended for the owners of new or expensive cars such as the Mahindra SUV to take Bumper to Bumper Insurance. Let's understand the term Bumper to Bumper insurance – it is a zero depreciation policy Add-on to your policy – then you would have to pay an additional premium for. But after you have chosen then add-on to your Insurance Policy – the pay-out would be calculated without making any deductions for depreciation. All the fibre, metal and rubber parts would be calculated as per the IDV and the only exclusions to this are the tyres and the battery of the Mahindra SUV.

When not to take Bumper to Bumper policy:

Bumper to Bumper add-on is not recommended for old cars as the premium increase for a new car itself is almost 10-20%. This increases with the age of the car.  Bumper to bumper policies have limits on the number of claims that can be made in a year.  If the car is being used for commercial purposes – bumper to bumper policy is not valid. The other exclusions are the normal ones – that is damage to the car engine due to water or oil leakage, and the regular wear and tear of clutch plates, bearings, tyres etc. are not included. Breakdowns which do not qualify as an accident are not included. And consumables used in a vehicle are excluded as well.


Are discounts available for bumper to bumper policies too?:

Yes – the Insurance companies all offer the Zero Depreciation add on feature which is essentially the bumper to bumper insurance cover. Therefore, even in the case of availing of this facility – you can take competitive quotes from by various insurance providers and compare the cost and the features against each other before making a decision. Some insurers provide special discounts for Mahindra & Mahindra vehicles and you should try and find these possibilities before finalizing on a Mahindra Insurance policy

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