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How To Claim Bike Insurance After Accident


Just met an accident or it’s been awhile, and you are worried about your expenses or damage cost? First, stop worrying and if you have basic knowledge about bike insurance policies then get to know quicksteps to claim bike insurance below;

Quicksteps to claim bike insurance

  1. Contact the bike insurance agency.
  2. If it's necessary, lodge the FIR and proceed for the fault assessment.
  3. Visit the garage and proceed for the bike damage evaluation.
    • You must carry the bill from the authorized garage for the evaluation of damage and to proceed for the compensation.
  4. Now, proceed for the settlement of claim through repayment.

Bike insurance policy

You must love your bike or two-wheeler, and that’s the only reason you should probably buy two-wheeler insurance. Two-wheeler insurance allows saving a vast amount of cash you might have to expense when you met an accident. For this, you will have to get a bike insurance policy from any of the insurance companies like Bharti AXA. Followings are the required documents you might have to fill out a bike insurance claim. Once you have necessary documents, you can go further to know about the full process to claim bike insurance.

  • Suitably signed a claim form
  • RC Book (Registration Certificate of your bike)
  • DL (Driving License)
  • Copy of an FIR (only if required)
  • Valid bill from the garage or selected showroom.

How to claim bike insurance after an accident?

It is necessary to have the required documents for proceeding to claim two-wheeler insurance. Once you have it, please follow the steps shown below to claim.

  1. You have to evaluate the damage and verify if its own damage or third party liabilities.
  2. Then you can call the toll-free number to the insurance agency.
  3. If its own damage then you can take a scheduled time with the examiner, and prove the documents required to the instructor.
  4. Once the documents are verified, then you can visit any of the authorized garage or showroom to get your bike repaired.
    • Taking your bike or two-wheeler to the garage and show damage bill to get the reimbursement in front of an instructor is also one of the alternatives offered in insurance policies.

In summary, if you have just met an accident or it’s been a while, the primary thing you have to take care of yourself and others because insurance companies like Bharti Axa take care of your expenses and damage cost.

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