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How To Repair Tubeless And Tube Tyre Punctures


Got a punctured rear tyre just as you were pushing up the needle on your bike’s speedometer to reach in time for an important appointment? Don’t worry. Landing a flat tyre need not leave you feeling deflated. Whether the punctured tyre is tubeless or the tube type tyre, it is always recommended that as a two-wheeler rider you have some knowledge about fixing a flat tyre on your own. After all you never know if you will find a tyre repair shop, a proper garage or any kind of help depending upon where and when the puncture happens. Hence it is best to always be prepared and self-sufficient. Plus fixing a tyre puncture is not really difficult at all.

Today we take you through a quick and easy step-by-step tutorial on how you can repair both tube type and tubeless tyres on your bike.

Steps To Fix Tube Type Tyre Puncture

You can follow these 6 steps to fix tube tyres. Keep some tools handy especially if you are heading for long rides. A wheel nut spanner, pliers, chalk, file, tyre iron, rubber patch, an adhesive like Fevikwik, foot pump, spare tube are some of the tools required to fix a flat tyre.

Step 1: Check for any cuts on the tyre. If you fail to identify the spot then it is possible that the worn-out tube may have led to tearing and has caused a puncture.

Step 2: To remove the wheel, use a spanner to unscrew the wheel nut. Remove the bolt and the wheel by hitting on the threaded side of the wheel. Look around for some stones or bricks to maintain the motorcycle level.

Step 3: Now, remove the tube from the rim using a tool at the intersection of the rim and rubber. And gently push the lever, this will allow the tyre to slide out across the circumference of the rim.

Step 4: After unbolting the valve remove the tube from the tyre. Inflate the tube and place it in water. You can identify the puncture area with the rising air bubbles. A spare tube will save you from doing this step.

Step 5: Use a file to rub the punctured area so that it allows you to stick the rubber patch without any bulging. Use an adhesive like Fevikwik to stick the rubber patch.

Step 6: Immerse in water to check if the puncture is sealed and then place the tube back into the tyre. Now push the air valve through the hole of the rim and gently push the tube into the tyre. Place the tyre back into the rim and the wheel back by tightening the wheel nut.

Steps To Fix Tubeless Tyre Puncture

Today, most two-wheelers have tubeless tyres as they are easy to mend. To fix a puncture on a tubeless tyre you may require a special puncture repair kit that consists of a smoothening tool, pliers, puncture repair strips, knife/blade and a puncture strip insertion tool.

Step 1: Identify the location of the puncture and check the tyre for any sharp objects such as a screw, sharp stone or nail that may have pierced the rubber. Now, remove the object that has punctured the tyre using pliers.

Step 2With the help of a smoothening tool inspect the puncture hole to check if it is large enough to insert the puncture repair into. And, leave the tool inside it.

Step 3: Like a needle thread, insert the strip into the puncture strip insertion.

Step 4 Use a puncture repair insertion tool to push the strip inside and gradually remove the smoothening tool.

Step 5 Trim the excess strip using a knife/blade and the puncture is fixed.

Armed with both these tyre repair guides, just go ahead and fix your punctured tyre with ease!

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