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How Protein After Workout Can Boost Physique


Proteins are macronutrients just like carbohydrates and fats as the human body requires them in large quantities. Proteins are required for the growth and maintenance of tissues. Proteins are also very important in building a strong immunity and maintaining good skin. Hair and nails are made almost entirely of proteins. Every single cell in the body, including bones, cartilage and blood has proteins. They are also used by the body, in making enzymes, hormones, and other chemicals. The body’s protein needs are dependent upon the health and activity levels of an individual. Exercise enthusiasts, as well as athletes, body builders and fitness professionals strive to build the best possible physique and hence understanding how protein can help them achieve this goal is important. Let us see how protein after workout can boost physique.


1          Muscles for a good physique

The primary job of muscles is to support movement. Muscle tissue is present in the heart, digestive system, and blood vessels. Muscles contribute to approximately half of our weight. The type of muscles responsible for a visibly attractive and well-toned physique is skeletal muscles. Skeletal muscles are made of myofibrils and sarcomeres. Sarcomeres are made of proteins called actin and myosin and their building blocks are the amino acids. Muscles contract upon receiving signals from motor neurons. Motor neurons instruct the muscles to contract. In the muscular sarcomere, filaments of actin and myosin slide upon each other, which in turn bring about the contraction of a muscle fiber. Weight lifting, strength training, resistance training or any kind of movement is possible due to muscle contractions.


2          Proteins for muscle repair and growth

When muscles are recruited in activities of daily living or exercise, they contract and they also are broken down. This is where proteins become extremely important, because proteins repair muscular damage and also help rebuild muscles. Exercising entails building as well as breaking down muscle tissues. The process of muscle breakdown and repair causes muscular growth, also known as muscle hypotrophy. Whenever muscles undergo micro tears, body's repair response is activated. Proteins are a crucial part of this repair process. Consuming protein after workout or any vigorous physical activity helps in rebuilding the muscle fibers that undergo micro-tears during such activity. Proteins ingested after a rigorous physical activity, are used to heal the damaged muscle cells, as the body uses the amino acids from the proteins to activate the growth of myofibrils, or muscle fibers. And that in turn causes the muscles to grow both in size and strength. Therefore proteins consumed after rigorous physical activity are essential in boosting a good physique.



3          Boost to weight loss and maintenance

Consuming protein right after workout also helps in weight loss and maintenance because protein is believed to increases satiety more than carbohydrate or fat. Proteins make you feel full for a long time and reduce food cravings.  Proteins also help in maintaining fat-free mass in some cases. Protein consumption stimulates an increase in muscle protein synthesis and suppresses muscle protein breakdown. Athletes are known to utilize a combination of resistance training and protein intake to gain skeletal muscle mass.


4          Maximum absorption after Workout

A systematic workout routine puts the body on a calorie burning track and creates a need for a high-protein diet. The absorption of protein is ideal when you consume protein rich foods 30 minutes after the workout. A sedentary lifestyle does not lead to optimum absorption of proteins. It is important to plan your post-workout meals carefully to maximize the benefits of a wholesome diet that is rich is protein.


5          Reduction in signs of ageing

Active and metabolically healthy muscles can reduce the signs of ageing such as loss of muscle mass, also sarcopenia, type II diabetes, poor aerobic endurance and stamina and sluggish metabolism.

Since our body does not store protein, when protein intake is low, the body can lose muscle mass. Ensuring your diet is rich in high quality protein is important in maintaining a fit and healthy physique. A good physique is a combination of healthy muscle mass, healthy body fat percentage and strong bones amongst many other factors. Proteins play a crucial role in maintaining all these aspects of a good physique, especially muscle mass. The body uses proteins to build and repair muscle. Proteins act like a bridge between damaged muscle tissues and promote muscle tissue repair. Exercise involving resistance or strength training can cause muscles soreness for up to 48 hours post workout. Evidence suggests that people who exercise at high intensity need more protein compared to sedentary individuals. Our tips will surely put you on the right track while planning a diet of protein after workout.

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