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How to Prevent Car Insurance Claim Rejection in India

How to Prevent Rejection of Car Insurance Claim in India?

Have you recently bought your dream car? Now, you must be thinking of buying a proper car insurance plan from a reliable car insurance company. However, it is important to note that in case of a car accident, there are some particular instances which could lead to the rejection of your motor car insurance claim. For instance, drinking & driving, driving without a license or a fake license, and so more –all of these could land you in major trouble with your car insurance claim getting rejected.

However, there are certain situations wherein your claim might get rejected for no big reason.  Here are some ways of being assured of your claims being settled. Have a read:

  • Pay Your Premium on Time: One of the biggest reasons as to why four-wheeler insurance companies might reject your claim request may be because of usual delays in paying the insurance premiums on time.  Procrastination towards paying your motor car insurance premium could land you in trouble in the future. Once your four-wheeler insurance has been lapsed due to not paying premiums, you will no longer be offered any coverage or benefits of the particular insurance. As such, during making a claim, there are higher chances of it being rejected by the insurer.
  • Understand Your Insurance Properly: Once you are thinking of a buying any motor car insurance policy for yourself, it is vital to know all about it inside-out. Most of the car insurance claim rejections come from lack of proper knowledge about the same. Before finalizing on the particular insurance policy, make it a point to go through the “terms & conditions” section properly. This will help you in understanding the claim process completely such that you do not face any rejections.
  • Always Inform Your Insurer Immediately: In case you have met with a car accident, the first & foremost thing that you should do is inform the particular motor car insurance company or insurer. Without any further ado, you must aim at informing the insurer about the car accident and the damages caused. Once the surveyor from the insurance company has done all the inspection, you will be offered the desired compensation. You should never go forward with getting the repairs for the damage all by yourself.
  • Transfer the Car Ownership in the Insurance Policy: There are chances of forgetting to transfer the ownership of the car under your name in the particular insurance policy. However, if you fail to do so, you could end up being in a major loss. This is because if the transfer of the car ownership is not done in time, problems might arise when you would want to make a claim. The insurance company will not go ahead with honoring the claim in case the insurance is not transferred under your name on time.
  • Always Possess a Valid Driving License: One of the most common reasons of having your claim rejected a proper, valid driving license under your name & identity. Go to any corner of the world –driving without a valid license is considered an offense. You will not be given any acceptance in this case when you make the insurance claim. As such, you must never drive your vehicle without having a driving license with you.

Make sure that your insurance claim gets accepted under all given situations!

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