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How does pre-existing illness impact your health insurance


A pre-existing illness can seriously impact the possibility of you getting a health insurance policy, though there are some insurance companies that do provide health insurance to them on strict terms and conditions. First of all, it is important to understand what is a pre-existing illness before you apply for a health insurance policy with any company. If a person suffers from a medical condition, whether it is mild or severe, before taking out a health insurance policy it is termed as a pre-existing condition. This can be a serious condition such as cancer or diabetes, or a relatively milder one like high-blood pressure or asthma.

The reason why health insurance companies are reluctant to provide coverage to people who are suffering from pre-existing medical conditions is that such individuals are likely to need expensive treatments, and as such would present a higher financial risk to the concerned insurance company. Here we point out the factors you should keep in mind if you have a pre-existing medical condition while applying for health insurance.

Health insurance policies vary from company to company

Different insurance companies have different terms and conditions for issuing health insurance policies to people who have a pre-existing medical condition. While there are some companies which will carefully scrutinise your full medical history, others may just scrutinise it for a specific period, such as for the last five years. Most companies, however, do issue health insurance policies but with difficult terms and conditions, such as a waiting period of one or two years during which they will not reimburse your medical expenses.

Every visit to a doctor is not taken into account

Every visit to a doctor is not counted while scrutinizing a pre-existing illness, because your visit may be for small things like a cold or a cough or fever during winters. The insurance company will only concern itself with conditions which have had a long-term effect on your health. Even a small cavity in your teeth which has to be filled or the tooth removed is not considered as a pre-existing ailment, but it may negate the possibility of you getting dental coverage in your health insurance policy.

Do not hide a pre-existing medical condition while applying for health insurance

It would be injudicious to hide a pre-existing medical condition from the insurance company while applying for a health insurance policy. If the company finds out later that you had not declared a pre-existing condition at the time of taking the policy, they may reject your health insurance claims outright. Even if the pre-existing condition was very mild, it could lead the insurance company to severely cut down on your health insurance claims, and they may only reimburse your medical expenses partially.

While applying for a health insurance policy, ensure that you declare any pre-existing medical condition, however mild, to the insurance company – and do not forget to check out the attractive health insurance policies provided by Bharti AXA while you are at it.

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