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How Much Does A Trip Cost To Visit Sri Lanka


Palm-fringed white sandy beaches, quaint fishing villages, beautiful colonial era towns, thrilling water sports, tea plantation trails, safaris and camping out in national parks, whale-watching in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean, along with the taste and flavours of traditional cuisine – all these and more combine to offer you the vacation of a lifetime in Sri Lanka!

If Sri Lanka is where you plan to head for your next overseas trip, it would help to know roughly how much it would cost. It will come in handy once you start planning for your trip and organising holiday finances.

Flight Tickets

Normally airfare is the biggest or second biggest expense of an overseas vacation after accommodation. However the cost of flight tickets from India to Sri Lanka will not burn a hole in your pocket. You could get a round-trip ticket to Sri Lanka in less than Rs.20,000 when you book on Air India, IndiGo, SpiceJet or SriLankan Airlines, all of which fly into the capital Colombo from most major cities in India. Do note that opting for non-stop flights would cost you significantly more than the ones with stop overs. 

Visa For Sri Lanka

Depending upon your reason for visiting Sri Lanka, the visa costs could vary. Getting a Tourist Visa for Sri Lanka is very simple if you hold an Indian passport. You can apply for it online and receive your Sri Lanka ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) Visa in no time. The Sri Lankan Government has recently waived ETA tourist visa fees for Indians so all you may need to pay for is processing charges. Just make sure you have a valid passport and confirmed two-way flight tickets as proof of travel. To know more, just get hold of a Visa Guide for Sri Lanka.  


From renovated colonial buildings turned into hotels, luxury resorts, villas and five star hotels for the well-heeled traveller, to mid-range hotels and modest guesthouses for the budget traveller, there is plenty of choice when it comes to the kind of places you can stay in while visiting Sri Lanka. On an average staying in a premium mid-range hotel in most cities will cost you roughly around Rs.4000 - Rs.5000 per night. Of course for a luxury resort stay this figure could easily shoot up to double. Also keep in mind that peak season room rates could be higher by about 20%-25% especially in coastal touristy places.    

Local Transport

Moving around within Sri Lanka is quite affordable. Within towns and cities, buses and tuk tuks (auto rickshaws) are the preferred mode of transport and won’t cost you much at all. To travel between different regions in Sri Lanka you should definitely take the train. Train journeys are scenic, efficient and the fares are quite reasonable.

Along with these approximate cost heads, keeping a Sri Lanka Travel Guide handy will be useful to cover all aspects while planning your trip. Make sure your trip budget includes buying Travel Insurance for Sri Lanka. Overseas travel insurance doesn’t cost much and you can check policies online to purchase an insurance cover that suits your requirements. Travel insurance can actually save you money and hassle when you travel abroad since it covers you in case of any loss, damage, medical expenses or trip cancellation.

And with that you’re all set to have a fabulous trip to Sri Lanka.    

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