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How Much Does A Trip Cost To Visit Singapore


People have said it, and they have said it loud that Singapore is an expensive travel destination. This means that any shuffle in the budget may spoil the fun while hampering the rest of the trip. So, to make the most of the trip, it is always a good idea to know about the cost of the trip in advance. With an estimate in mind, you will better be able to segregate things that you want to do and those that you don’t want to.

Here we are giving you an insight into how much does a trip to Singapore cost. Take a look!

  • Flights

Consider you are flying from the capital (New Delhi), the cost of the flight will be somewhere between 18,000 to 20,000 INR. The cost of flight will also depend on how much in advance you are booking your flights. Another thing that may impact the flight ticket price is whether you are considering weekdays to fly to Singapore or the weekends. Flights tickets are usually cheaper on the weekdays.

  • Visa

Singapore Visa is an important document that will allow you to enter this popular land. If you go for standard processing time, you will be charged $57 while and your visa will arrive within 72 hours. On the other hand, if you opt for a rushed processing time, you will be charged $87, and the visa will be provided in just 24 hours. If you are getting your visa sorted from a travel agent, you may have to pay some extra.

  •  Hotel

The price of the hotel will depend on the property and the location you choose. If you are on a budget, you may opt for a cheaper accommodation that offers all amenities that you may need while on a trip to Singapore.

  • Transportation

If you are not planning to book sightseeing with a company, consider buying a CEPAS/EZ-LINK Card. This card will not just help you save money when you are commuting from one place to another but will also save time.

Cost of the Card - S$12

Credits - S$7

Option to Add Credits – Yes

To keep the budget away from getting shattered, there is another thing that you need to do – buying Singapore travel insurance. Travel insurance is an important part of your travel packing that comes handy in times of a medical emergency abroad, loss of baggage, loss of passport, or any other important document, emergency accommodation, and a lot more.

Before embarking on the journey, you might also like to know about things that you must avoid while travelling to Singapore.

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