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How Much Does A Trip Cost To Visit Seychelles


White sandy beaches, turquoise waters, palm trees, beautiful colonial architecture, lush green forests, and delicious food- all these combined together make for the ideal vacation in Seychelles.

If you are planning to head to Seychelles for your next overseas trip, here is a guide on how much your holiday will cost you so you can budget and plan your trip accordingly.


Flight Tickets

Flying to Seychelles has become much easier in recent times with direct flights available from Mumbai to Mahe. A round trip ticket to Seychelles will cost you averagely Rs.25000-30000/- depending on the season you decide to travel. There are many airlines which fly to Seychelles however only Air Seychelles, the national airline offers direct flights from Mumbai to Seychelles.


Visa For Seychelles

Seychelles is a visa-free country, which means you do not need a visa to explore this destination, however you are required to show some documents for immigration at the international airport. You can get a visa for a minimum period of 30 days.  To know more, check out our visa guide for Seychelles.




From hostels, budget hotels, airbnb houses, luxury resorts, villas, five star hotels and private islands, Seychelles has plenty of choices when it comes to the kind of place you want to stay. Accommodation in Seychelles is slightly expensive compared to India. On average staying in a mid-range hotel will cost you around Rs.8000-10000/- per night while staying in a luxury resort will cost you about 20000/-. Also keep in mind the season you are travelling, hotel room rates vary according to the peak seasons.


Local Transport

Since Seychelles is an island nation made up of a cluster of 115 islands, there is no major source of public transport. Buses only ply in major cities. You can explore the different islands using boats or private single engine planes and helicopters but those are expensive. The best way to explore Seychelles is by hiring a car and driving. Driving in Seychelles is not easy though, the roads are narrow with sharp bends and turns.



Local Food

Seychelles offers a wide variety of delicious food. Since it`s an island nation, majority food consists of sea food and coconut as two of the main ingredients in every recipe. Seychellois food draws a lot of influence from Indian, British and French cuisine. There are a lot of inexpensive restaurant and café  where you can enjoy a meal for nearly Rs.800-1000/-

While eating a fine dine 3 course meal in a decent restaurant will cost you around Rs.3000-4000/-



Along with these approximate overhead costs, keep a Seychelles Travel Guide handy as it will help you plan your trip better giving you information on the places to visit and things to do. Make sure while budgeting for your trip, you include buying travel insurance for Seychelles. An overseas travel insurance does not cost too much and you can compare different policies online to see which one suits your requirements. Travel insurance can actually save you money and keep you protected from any loss, damage, medical expenses or trip cancellation so you have a worry free, memorable trip.

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