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How Much Does A Trip Cost To Visit Europe


One can experience a thousand stunning experiences in Europe. Right from its culture, architecture, entertainment, to art and antediluvian history. A trip to Europe promises enchanting travel in its own virtuous sense. It is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. Europe is a bucket list destination like none other as it is characterized by picturesque natural beauty, a supreme cultural heritage, and a culinary variety that leaves one’s taste buds asking for more.

This continent of amazing sights is never enough because of the discoveries it leads to and yet more to do and explore. So, to make the most of the trip, it is always a decent idea to know about the cost of the trip in advance. With a guesstimate in mind, you will better be able to segregate things that you want to do and those that you don’t want to.

Here we are giving you a general idea as to how much does a trip to Europe cost. Take a look!


For not letting air tickets eat away the major chunk of your budget, it is advisable to plan well in advance. This way, you will get the best deals from major metropolitan cities of India. If you book the tickets at least four or five months prior, then you can easily land a ticket that costs under 50 grand. The flight can be boarded from any metropolitan cities of the countries including Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai.


Visa is essential because it allows you to enter a foreign land. Schengen Visa for Adult costs around INR 5000. So, before applying for the visa; it is always advisable to get all the documents and tickets booked. You will always have to pay a little extra if you are getting professional help. The standard processing time is 10-15 days, but it might take less if you apply under special conditions.  


Boarding and accommodation all depend upon the spending power of the individual traveling to Europe. It is feasible to stay at safe and clean traveler hostels if traveling with friends or in a group. With folks, it is advised to stay at a reputed family friendly hotel.


You can travel across Europe either by local airlines or buses. Traveling by train is expensive than other modes of transport. While travelling within the city, the best option is to get a day pass for metro, tram or bus. If you have an international driving license, you can also rent a car or a two-wheeler.

Before making any reservations or bookings, look for a good insurance policy that covers your international trip splendidly. You can pick travel insurance from a company of your choice. It would help if you bought Schengen Travel insurance even before applying for a visa.

If you wish to drive around, here are a few driving tips that will help explore Europe better.

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