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How Much Does A Trip To Visit New Zealand Cost?


A trip to New Zealand is on every travel enthusiast bucket list. A land of beautiful beaches, mountain ranges, rich culture and heritage and adventure sports. New Zealand has a lot to offer. However a trip to New Zealand is not exactly cheap, It is one of the most expensive destinations to travel around the world. So before planning your trip to New Zealand, you make sure you budget for your New Zealand trip.

1 New Zealand Dollar equal to 45.78 Indian Rupees approximately (as of August 2019)


Since the New Zealand dollar is stronger than the Indian Rupee,  you will need a good budget to enjoy your trip to New Zealand.


Here is a guide to give you a fair idea on how much will a trip to New Zealand cost you so that you can be well prepared and plan your finances accordingly.


New Zealand Visa


The first important cost for the trip to New Zealand is Visa. Applying for a New Zealand visa is a simple online procedure which takes about 20 minutes however the visa fee is expensive. A single entry visa would cost roughly Rs.16000/-. You will also have to factor in extra cost for additional documentation which may be required while applying for visa.


Flight Tickets


Next comes the cost of airfare. India has no direct flights to New Zealand so you will have to layover in either Singapore, Korea or Thailand depending on the airlines you choose. You can book flights to Auckland from Delhi or Mumbai. A round trip ticket for one adult for a Mumbai-Auckland will cost you about Rs.45000-50000/- depending on the season you choose to travel in.




From budget, 3 stars and 5 stars hotels to lodges, resorts and villas, New Zealand has a wide range of accommodation options to choose from. However hotels in New Zealand are very expensive compared to Indian standard. Per night stay in a 3 star hotel in Auckland will cost you approximately Rs. 8000/-

You can opt for home stay options at online portals like Airbnb.




Local Transport


New Zealand`s main source of public transport is Buses. Trains and trams operate only in major cities. However buses will only drop you to major towns and main roads. The best way to explore New Zealand is by hiring a car even though that is expensive. A compact car rental will cost you around 4500-5000 a day. You can choose a caravan since it will help you save money on accommodation and explore New Zealand better.




Eating out in restaurants in New Zealand is an expensive affair.  A meal in an average restaurant in New Zealand will cost you anywhere between Rs.500-1000. While a three course meal in a reasonably good restaurant will cost Rs.2500-3000. However the best alternative is street food- New Zealand offers a wide range of mouth-watering traditional dishes which are cheap, filling and easily available.


Make sure you keep a New Zealand travel guide handy for quick references of important places and contact details you will need in New Zealand. Before you travel make sure you get a New Zealand travel insurance, you might consider this as an additional expense but this is essential when you are traveling overseas as it will protect you from any unforeseen mishaps that may affect your trip.

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