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How to Ensure Best Coverage on your Travel Insurance

Ensure your travel insurance plan has the best coverage

Ensure your travel insurance plan has the best coverage 

Whether you buy travel insurance online or offline, it must provide you with maximum coverage. You do not want to be left on a foreign land where you cannot handle an emergency situation. As soon as you finalize your travel itinerary, get cracking on the insurance. Here are some things you should cross-check for best coverage by your policy.

Which destinations are covered?

Make sure your travel insurance policy includes all the travel destinations, unless you are visiting only one city. This should include cities where you might stay only for a night for transit or as a part of your travel plan.

What if your flight is/has to be cancelled?

Your boss doesn’t approve your leave. Or someone from your family is hospitalized and you cannot travel. Unforeseen events may require you to cancel or curtail your travel. Cancelling/Rescheduling flights and hotels can be an expensive affair, unless your travel insurance covers it. Lookout for the maximum claim you can file for.

Is your medical cover sufficient?

You must be covered appropriately for urgent medical needs. Also know the conditions under which you can avail medical benefits for. Pre-existing conditions are, generally, not covered by travel insurance. However, some insurers may cover pre-existing conditions as an add-on at an extra cost. Make sure your policy covers emergency evacuation as well, in case you need to be flown to India for treatment.

Do you have coverage for baggage and belongings?

Your travel insurance policy covers you for loss, damage or delayed baggage and personal belongings. But make sure you know the amount of coverage. Sometimes, the default coverage may not be equivalent to the total cost of items. In such case, consider upgrading your policy or baggage and belongings cover to be safe.

Does the insurer have emergency assistance?

Find out if your insurer has a 24-hour helpline because you may be traveling to a completely opposite time zone. If not, confirm how you may reach out during the odd hours

Are you covered for specific sports during holiday?

You may want to do scuba-diving during a beach holiday or go skiing on the picturesque mountains or other adventure sports and activities. If at all you have any such plans, get it included in your policy without second thought. The premium may increase, but its totally worth it.

What is the deductible/excess in the policy?

It is the cost you must pay which is deducted from your insurance claim. Thus, if you file a travel insurance claim online for $500 and the excess is $100, the insurer will pay you only $400.You must know how much will go from your pocket when claim is made.

What are the exclusions?

Every insurance has a list of things that are not covered by the policy, which you must know. They are listed in the terms and conditions document.

Travel insurance is not an over-the-counter product you can pick-up and get done with. It requires some serious thinking before buying to ensure you are fully covered.


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