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How Does Car Insurance Help During Floods

How Does Car Insurance Help During Floods?

Natural disasters tend to be highly unexpected. While we might receive medical care in case of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, and others –what happens to our cars? There is no denying that cars are one of the most priced possessions in any Indian family. Therefore, in situations of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, storms, and others, it is important to ensure its overall safety in the most effective manner. Thankfully, a comprehensive car insurance plan can help you in covering the loss or damage caused due to natural factors like floods, etc.

If your car has suffered significant damages or loss during floods, most of the car insurers offer a comprehensive car insurance policy towards compensating for the same. Floods can cause a lot of major damage to the car’s exteriors as well as the interiors, including its overall functioning. With water entering almost every corner of your car, you cannot help but wait for some help. At such times, a comprehensive motor car insurance policy proves to be immensely helpful.

How can Comprehensive Car Insurance Help You?

The comprehensive car insurance policy is used for offering coverage against loss or damage caused by natural factors like floods, earthquakes, storms, wildfires, and others. In case of damages caused due to floods, there are two possible cases: damage to the car’s accessories or damage to the car’s engine. A car that has been submerged in water for quite a long time might suffer partial or full engine damage. The repair or replacement of the full engine damage to your car could cost you around 1-2 Lakh INR. Similarly, the cost of repairing or replacing the major accessories or parts of your car could also cost you a heavy sum. This is the reason a proper four-wheeler insurance plan is recommended as it will help in covering both accessories as well as engine damage during floods.

Though the comprehensive car insurance policy is considered the best option for you in cases of natural calamities, there are some exceptional cases as well. For instance, the particular four-wheeler insurance company might offer coverage only for unforeseen events. For instance, in case of the damage that has been caused to your car while starting its engine as the car is submerged in water will not be accepted as the consequence of the floods. Therefore, this instance might not be covered under the particular motor insurance plan.

Add-on Covers to Consider During Floods

When your vehicle has been damaged significantly due to natural disasters like floods, in addition to the standard comprehensive car insurance plan, you can also consider buying some extra add-on covers for your vehicle. There are several add-on insurance covers that can offer additional protection & coverage to your car during floods. Here are some of the top ones offered by the leading motor insurance companies:

  • Electronic Circuit Cover & Engine Protector: Parking or driving your car in heavily submerged areas due to floods can also lead to major damages to the engine of your car. As such, engine protector or electronic circuit covers offer coverage for the damages caused due to water-logging or incessant rains.
  • Zero Depreciation Cover: Even though you get a comprehensive car insurance policy the insurer deducts the depreciation on the car before you get the claim amount. In such cases, you can consider buying the zero depreciation add-on cover for your vehicle which will enable you to receive claim amount without the depreciation being taken into consideration.

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