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How Will Car Modification Affect Your Car Insurance Policy?


You may have always dreamt of owning a car. However, the allure of the car more often than not fades with time. It may lead you to consider purchasing a new car. Still, there are cases where people have chosen to modify their car. Such people believe that modifying the car is a cost-effective way of altering the look and performance of the car rather than buying a new one. While it sounds like the best option, you should know the issues that you may face if you were to modify your car, even with car insurance. Let us find out.

Ruining the Appeal

Regardless of the car that you may choose to modify, each car has a distinct appeal and look. Therefore, it has a certain value attached to the car. However, if you were to modify the appearance of the car, it will lead to a change in the value of the car. While the change could also be positive in some cases but there are other issues that decrease the overall value of the car. One of the prime issues that you may face if you decide to modify the performance of the car is parts. Obtaining parts for a car is not that difficult, even if it can be costly. However, if the car in question is an old car, then procuring parts for the car is going to be very costly and difficult. Furthermore, your car insurance policy may not cover such parts as the car has been altered. Additionally, in a worst-case scenario, the car insurance plan does not cover the modified part. Therefore, you will have to face numerous issues if you ever had to replace the part or if you were in an accident and the car needed repairs.

Car Insurance Policy

You should always have the best possible insurance for your car. The reason is that you cannot plan for the unforeseen but you can take precautions against them. One of the issues that you may face with a car insurance policy is that you may not want to pay for features that you do not have any need for. However, you need not worry as Bharti AXA allows you to customize your insurance plans to ensure that you pay only for the features and services that you want in your policy.

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