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How can I purchase a travel insurance just few hours before journey


If you are a persistent traveller, you would know that it is critical to buy travel insurance at the right time to enjoy the maximum coverage from the policy. Also, there are chances that your request does not get processed before the date of your traveling if you decide to buy your insurance just a few days before your traveling. But, almost all insurance providers today allow you to purchase your travel insurance even one day before the date of your journey. A comprehensive travel insurance policy offers protection against charges incurred due to the cancellation of the trip, medical charges, and much more.

How Late Can I Purchase Travel Insurance?

If your policy does not cover the trip cancellation charges, you can even opt to purchase the policy after the date of departure. If you want to cover your trip cancellation charges, you should buy your travel insurance for at least 1 day before the date of journey. If you keep the purchase of travel insurance after you meet with an unfortunate incident, you may not get the desired coverage since it would be considered a pre-existing condition and not all policies cover such conditions. The trip cancellation, pre-existing condition, and such expenses are covered only for the initial 14 days to 30 days of the trip. Due to this reason, the last-minute purchase of travel insurance can deprive you of enjoying the comprehensive benefits offered by the policy.

What is the Initial Trip Deposit Date?

The date from which you start paying for the initiation of your trip like your travel tickets, stay tickets, etc., the initial trip deposit date. Major insurance providers limit the travel insurance policy between the initial days of trip deposit viz. 14 days. This can vary from one financial provider to the other.

Why Should You Buy Travel Insurance Early?

Travel Insurance Policies cover the expenses incurred due to unexpected, unfortunate events. Due to this reason, it is essential to purchase your travel insurance as soon as possible because you can eliminate the risks of not getting covered for such incidents due to late purchase.

You can buy travel insurance online from Bharti AXA. If you are traveling for specific purposes like business and such events, you can check out the guide to buy business travel insurance to get the benefits whilst business trip.

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