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How a zero-dep Car Insurance Policy Benefits you during Claims

How a Zero-Dep Car Insurance Policy Benefits you during Claims?

The value of your car will not remain the same over years due to wear & tear, and usage. The depreciation levied on your car leads to a decreased value for car insurance. However, some people get a zero depreciation cover to protect their new car. Zero depreciation cover is a must buy for all car owners. So,what is zero depreciation cover? Let’s find out

What is Zero Depreciation Cover?

If your car gets in an accident then you will receive the entire cost from the insurer. As the term implies,zero depreciation cover promises comprehensive coverage while depreciation is not considered. 

Factors to Consider Before applying the Zero-Dep Cover
  • Zero depreciation cover costs bit higher premiums than usual. As it offers a complete coverage.
  • The number of claims you can make in a year is limited
  • It is usually for the new car owners
Difference between Zero-Dep Cover and Normal Car Insurance
  • Zero-dep offers full settlement coverage while in normal car insurance claim amount is based on the current value of the car.
  • Premium is higher in Zero-dep cover than in normal car insurance
  • In zero-dep, insurer bears the cost of repairing and plastic fibers while in normal car insurance, the insured shells out the money.
  • Zero-dep covers only new cars to three years limit but the normal car insurance covers every car no matter how old.

Considering the factors in play, every car needs car insurance, be it new or old. However, a Zero-dep cover offers a lot of benefits to new car owners and reduces the cost of repairs if the new car is damaged.

Quick Car Insurance Claims by Bharti AXA

One of the things that everyone dislikes is the process of claiming damages. The reason is that it takes a lot of time while the settlement of the car insurance claim takes even longer. However, Bharti AXA promises a quick settlement on your car insurance claim. Bharti AXA places prime importance on the convenience ofits customers. Furthermore, they offer excellent 24x7 customer service to ensure that all your doubts and queries are clarified. Moreover, you can reach them for any issues related to claims as well.

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