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How RTO Location Or Vehicle Registration Can Affect Your Two Wheeler Insurance Premium


When you purchase two-wheeler insurance , the premium you have to pay is calculated based on multiple factors. These include the age of your vehicle, the fuel type, the insured declared value, the add-on covers you choose, the fuel capacity etc. One of the important factors is the location of the RTO where you have registered the vehicle.

How does the RTO location impact the insurance premiums?

Some locations are considered more risk-prone than others. The most important factor in determining this is the vehicle density in the city you stay in. Other factors involve the risk of car theft, the population density and the risk of accidents in the area. So, the premium you would pay for a vehicle registered in a metropolitan will be higher than the premium you pay in a tier 3 city.

Change of address

While your two-wheeler insurance is valid across the country, it is important to update your insurer of any address change. You would not want to miss any important communication from the insurer because the address was wrong. Further, a mismatch in address could also result in a claim being denied.

If you move from a low-risk city to a high-risk city, you will have to pay a higher premium. For example, if you move from Bareilly to Mumbai your two-wheeler insurance premium will go up. On the other hand, if you are moving from Bangalore to Sholapur – for example, your insurance premium will go down as Sholapur is considered a lower risk location compared to Bangalore. The difference amount will be refunded to you.

How to get your address changed in your insurance policy?

Here are the steps to follow to change address on your insurance policy:

  1. Get your address updated in your Registration Certificate through an application at the RTO
  2. Inform your insurer about the change of address
  3. Submit the proof of your changed address and a copy of the updated Registration Certificate to your insurer
  4. Get an endorsement or updated policy with the new address from your insurer.

Regardless of whether the change in address will impact your premium, you should get the new address updated with the insurer.

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