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Hospital Cash Insurance: Important Facts

Hospital Cash Insurance: Important Facts

Health insurance is becoming increasingly famous in the country. However, there are still people who do not know about the additional insurances they can buy along with the health insurance they already have to give them a higher coverage at the time of medical emergency. One such health insurance is the hospital cash insurance. If you are amongst the people who have no clue about hospital cash insurance, we are here to help! Here is all you need to know about the hospital cash insurance and how to get it! For more details, keep reading!

Hospital Cash Insurance in A Nutshell

Hospital cash insurance is an insurance cover for the hospital expenses that are usually bought with the health insurance policies. This insurance is the best for the people who want to get some extra coverage with their regular health insurance coverage. The only thing to keep in mind about a hospital cash insurance is that the terms and conditions vary across different companies. Hence, you might need to check the terms in advance.

  • It is time bound.

The first thing to note about a hospital cash insurance is that the insurance is time bound. This means that if you add this to your existing health insurance plans, you will get the hospital allowance for a specific number of days. Each hospital cash health insurance policy is different, and the allowance can be given for the period of 30 days.

  • It is not applicable to all surgeries.

Just like the individual or family health insurance plans, the hospital cash insurance is not available for all diseases and hospitalizations. The terms and conditions are similar to some of the best health insurance policies. You can read the diseases specifically mentioned in their terms and conditions.

  • There is an age limit.

There is always an age limit till which a person can apply for an individual or family health insurance and the same is the case with the hospital cash insurance plans. The age limit to avail the hospital cash is different for different policies. However, there are also some ways in which you can increase the age limit depending on each policy.

  • The amount is fixed.

The amount that is released for every hospital cash insurance that is given when you buy health insurance online is always fixed and cannot exceed the fixed amount. It can be less but never more.

  • The amount is released in daily or lump-sum basis.

The hospital cash insurance is not cashless health insurance, and the amount that is released is always lump-sum or daily basis. It is mostly released on a daily basis. You need to select the cash amount when you buy health insurance.

  • It does not include the treatment cost.

The treatment cost for online health insuranceis not covered under the hospital cash insurance. All you will be given is the hospital cash allowance and nothing else. This means that you need to buy health insurance online along with the hospital cash insurance to avail both the benefits.

  • A certain period of hospitalization might be required to avail the hospital cash health insurance plans in India.

In most of the individual, family or health insurance for senior citizens, a certain period of hospitalization is required before you can apply for the hospital cash insurance. In most cases, the time period is two days or more.

The best way to buy the hospital cash insurance is to buy it with the online health insurance policy or when you renew health insurance. In both the cases, you can reap the full benefits of the hospital cash insurance for up to 20 or more days, depending on your plans.

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