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Here Are Some Helpful Tips To Avoid Road Accidents On A Two Wheeler


“In 2015, there were about five lakh road accidents in India, which killed about 1.5 lakh people and injured about five lakh people.” The roads and highways of India have to be made safer for people driving and those walking. It is especially important for motorcyclists to drive safely on the roads as the highest number of road accidents involving two-wheelers. 

Two-wheeler drivers can be reckless which is observed by daily commuters. Many two-wheelers speed when traffic is slow-moving. A lot of them tend to ride on the pavements and cause havoc for the pedestrians.

Four-wheeler drivers are forced to brake suddenly because a two-wheeler decided to whiz past without any warning on a fast lane. These small but hazardous manoeuvres can cause serious road accidents. In certain places, due to fast moving traffic, it can also create a multi-vehicle pile-up. These lead to casualties, damages of property, goods and may result in severe repercussions such as deaths.

The Indian government has been increasingly vigilant. The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 has introduced measures to prevent flouting of traffic rules. These measures and fines charged to traffic violators is a move to reduce two-wheeler riders from breaking the law incessantly.

Here are a few helpful tips, which will be beneficial to avoid road accidents.

Wear Helmets Always

As an owner of a two-wheeler, invest in a good quality helmet for yourself and for the pillion rider. Buy a helmet, which has secure straps and a high-quality visor. A visor is a plastic shield, which helmets have in order to cover the face. It should be made of good quality material so that the rider can see the roads clearly. It is also meant to protect the rider from rain and dust on the road. It also shields the eyes from minor debris on the streets, which are airborne. By wearing a helmet, many lives have been saved despite the occurrence of an untoward accident.

Speeding Is A No-No

Steer clear of speeding with four-wheelers and other riders who are reckless. Maintain distance between the bike and the vehicle in front and stay alert. Speed bumps, roadside maintenance signage and other hazards are a part of daily traffic issues. Keep an eye out for such things on the streets and roads.

Keep Your Two-Wheeler Maintenance Up To Date

Regularly maintain your motorcycle so that it operates as smoothly as possible. Achieving a hassle-free ride is essential. Try to avoid braking suddenly as this can cause the vehicle behind to abruptly brake resulting in an accident. Slow down at junctions and major crossings.

Avoid using a mobile phone while riding a bike. Mobile phones are hazardous devices -particularly when you are driving. A safe and knowledgeable two-wheeler driver should be aware that using a device while on the road is illegal and the traffic police can issue ‘challan’ for this. A challan or a traffic violation slip means that the rider has broken the law. It is a severe offence and must not be taken lightly.

Follow traffic rules and stay safe. Having a two wheeler insurance for your motorcycle is also part of following traffic regulations because you want to safeguard yourself from loss or damage resulting from an accident. Because, life is precious and answering a phone call can wait.

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