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Helpful Tips How You Can Accessorize Your Car By Yourself


Be it the daily commute or long drives, you do end up spending a lot of time in your car. Therefore it seems a good idea to add some accessories that will make your car look great and help make the ride really comfortable.

Your car is your pride and joy. Accessorizing reflects the owner’s personality and adds a personalised touch to your vehicle.

If you are planning on getting some fancy trimmings for your set of wheels, take a look at our handy tips on how you can go about accessorizing your car by yourself. 


Helpful Tips For DIY Car Accessorizing:

Tip # 1

While planning how to accessorize your car try not to go over-the-top. Whether it is the exterior or the interiors, be restrained and see that it integrates well with the natural look, fit and finish of your car. Accessorizing should enhance the overall appearance and ride comfort, not look out of place and be an eye sore.

Tip # 2

List down the must-have accessories vs good-to-have accessories. Some add-ons are a necessity for the upkeep and maintenance of your car while others are a matter of personal choice. A list of will help you decide feasibility.   

Tip # 3

Keep in mind the safety aspect while accessorizing your car. The modifications should ideally not tamper with the original build and electricals of the car as this can have serious consequences.

Tip # 4

Check prices for some of the standard add-ons in the dealership and in the after-market. You may find that it is cheaper to buy them in the after-market. Also, buy quality add-ons. Do not compromise on quality.     

Tip # 5

Here are some suggested accessories to enhance the exterior appearance and interior feel of your car.

Exterior Accessories –

Body Decals (gives a fun, sporty look), Alloys (sporty, premium look), Car Cover (protects from weather and pollution if car is in the open and stationery for long periods), Spoiler (for better aerodynamics and sporty look)

Interior Accessories –

Seat Covers (transforms and upgrades the look of the cabin), Backseat Organizer (frees up seat space and helps declutter), Air Freshener (liquid dispenser fitted on the air-con louvers), Seat Lumbar Support (supports corrects posture and eases lower back pain), Car Vacuum Cleaner (keeps the cabin dust-free)    

Make sure you buy car insurance online. The car insurance will take care of any repair work your car may need without you having to pay from your pocket. 

However, in case the accessorising includes any modifications to the car you should inform your car insurance provider in advance. This will allow them to assess the impact of the accessorising on the vehicle and adjust the policy premium accordingly. Not informing may cause problems at the time of a claim.    

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