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Health Tips: Heart Attack Symptoms


Myocardial infarctions or commonly known as the heart attack is generally caused by a clogged artery when fresh blood is not pumped through the heart. As we age, fatty materials called plaque build-up in arteries that may damage or narrow the path for blood supply. When the plaque area breaks, blood cells stick to the damaged area and form clots. These clots lead to a heart attack. Chest pain is a common symptom one may experience, but there are so many underlying heart attack symptoms that are less known. These symptoms are listed below; in case you or someone you know experience one or some symptoms that signal a heart attack, it is suggested to visit a doctor or take necessary medical actions.

Discomfort or Pain in Chest

Pain in the chest is one of the most common symptoms of a heart attack; one may feel pain tightness or pressure in the chest. Sometimes the pain or tightness last longer than a few minutes and sometimes the pain goes away and comes back again.

Discomfort in arms, shoulders, neck, jaw or back

Some people experience the pain or tightness in chest radiating outwards, and in their upper body, some only feel the pain in arms or shoulder or back. Women reported the pain in the lower abdomen and lower portion of the chest while having a heart attack.

Cold sweat

Sweating more even when you are physically not active can be another symptom, an early signal for your health problems. Pumping blood through clogged arteries demand more effort from the heart and hence sweating even when you are not exercising. Clammy skin or night sweats are also common symptoms.


People often experience gastrointestinal problems and mild indigestion, and most of the time these symptoms are ignored as heartburn or some other food-related issues.


This is one of the least known signals of heart attack, mostly in women. Due to extra pressure on your heart to pump blood through blocked arteries, you may experience exhaustion for no reason.

Trouble breathing

Breathing and effectively pumping blood through the body are very closely related. The heart pumps blood so it can get oxygen from the lungs and also circulate blood tissues to other parts of the body. And so, when you experience trouble while breathing it could be a signal directing towards a heart attack.


This is also another common symptom experienced mostly by women. Some women also reported the feel like they will pass out even if they try to stand up.

Although heart problems are prevalent in old aged people, anyone can experience it. You can always ask an expert for health tips and take good care of your health. You may also want to take health insurance which covers your expenses when treating severe diseases. You can opt for Bharti AXA health insurance which offers coverage against medical expenses so that you can focus on your health and treatment.

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