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Health Insurance Cover at Different Stages of Life

In your 20s

These days as soon as one gets into their first job they opt for a Health Insurance Plan with the primary aim of getting tax benefits. Indians are known to pay 70% of their medical expenses from their pocket, so while tax benefit is an advantage of buying a Health Insurance Policy , it should not be the primary factor especially while buying the healthcare policy in your 20s.

Hospitalization cost

This is one cost you can easily negate with a good Health Insurance Plan. Diseases such as Swine flu, Chikungunya or Dengue affect even the young ones, who are fitter and energetic than their older counterparts. With a comprehensive healthcare policy you can easily avoid such expenses.

Accident Treatment

Young generation, with the kind of prevalent lifestyle, riding expensive bikes and cars, are more susceptible to road accidents, hence there is a greater need for a Health Insurance Plan which will cover expenses incurred due to treatment of injuries caused by accident.

Dental Treatment Coverage

Dental problems can occur to anyone irrespective of age, so it’s advisable to get yourself covered even for such a small treatment as these treatment come at a high cost.

In your 30s

Generally, marriages happen between the age of 25 and 30 years, and since the family starts expanding, you need to figure out a policy that takes care of the entire family and covers all the risk factors associated with the family.

Family Floater Plan

A comprehensive Health Insurance Plan that covers you and your family

Maternity Coverage

This is one of the important factors to lookout in a Health Insurance Plan, if you are going to buy Health Insurance Plan online. You can easily compare this benefit across Insurance Companies. The average wait time is between 3-6 years but some new healthcare policies offer a wait period as less as 9 months.

Post-Natal Protection Coverage

With this option you can protect your new born baby by including their name in the family healthcare insurance policy.

Comprehensive Healthcare Plan

Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan can fill gaps in the insurance offered by a company or any group insurance that you are a part of.

Always make sure that you buy a healthcare plan at an early age. The more you wait the higher will be the premium especially if you have a medical history. And in case you are concerned that buying health insurance policy at an early stage of your life will result in expenditure, there is always a No Claim Bonus Benefit which you can avail if you pass a year without making a claim. You can take advantage of this by reducing the renewal premium or by increasing the sum assured amount.

In your 40s

As you grow older, health issues start cropping up. Diabetes, knee ailments and heart related troubles are some of the major found problems when people move beyond the age of 40 due to the change in lifestyle.. Also with children growing, they frequently fall ill and hence increase burden on your pocket and fracture your finances.

Mid 40s is the right age for any person to buy Health Insurance Plan online that’s comprehensive, to prepare against major and critical illnesses such as cancer, heart-related problems which require large sum of money for treatment. You can compare various health policies online and opt for critical care plans that offer huge benefits even on diagnosis of critical ailments. A comprehensive healthcare plan taken at the right stage helps ease burden on your pocket and you can avail best of the treatment available with virtually very less or no expense.

In your 50s, 60s and beyond

As you grow older your children become self-sufficient, it’s time to shift focus on HealthInsurance Plans Health Insurance Plan that is better cut out to benefit you with unique provisions for health concerns at this stage rather than sticking to a comprehensive health coverage. This is so since for instance if a single member of the family has diabetes then extending the same policy to others would mean unnecessary expense.

Since senior citizens generally have special requirements as far as healthcare is concerned, your Health Insurance Plan must also be such that can provide you the same. To begin with, choose a cover that offers protection for the lengthiest time period along with minimal exclusions. Though most Health Insurance Policies today offer the advantage of yearly renewal, it is advisable to buy Health Insurance Plan online that provides you cover for about 3-5 years.

As you advance in age you may want to explore alternate methods of treatments such as AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) to help keep your good health up. Insurance companies such as Bharti AXA offer such health plans too that cover such alternate medical treatments as well. That said, this is the time when you should also make sure to get rid of the options covered in your health plan that you have no need of, anymore. Instead aim at your own convenience, keeping in mind that at this age the frequency of hospital visits and medical tests increases to a great extent.

Closing Thoughts

To work towards a healthy life isn’t enough. You need to prepare for the unforeseen circumstances that life puts you in with reference to unexpected medical conditions and health concerns. It is thus in your best interest to keep up with the changing requirements of your health and buy adequate and best-suited Health Insurance Plan online from a reputed insurance company such as Bharti AXA for a stress-free life. A Health Insurance Plan, when chosen carefully, can prove to be your best investment. After all, sorry, above all. health is everything!

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