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Date: 09 Jan 2017

Who doesn’t want to secure their family’s well-being? At the end of the day, everyone wants to give their family a good life.

Battling unforeseen health contingencies is easy if you buy the right health insurance plan for you and your family. It works as the best solution to staying financially secured.

But then how do you know if you’re making the right choice while buying?

best health insurance plans
Date: 28 Dec 2016

Medical costs have increased over the years.Today, even a minor surgery can cost you anything between Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 60,  000. While something as major as a cardiac treatment can shoot up to Rs. 5 lakh (i).

Date: 24 Jun 2016

When choosing a health insurance, it is imperative we consider the factor of critical illnesses (a life threatening disease or medical condition). Apart from the mental agony and physical pain, sudden incidence of an illness can lead to massive expenses that can financially cripple your family.

Is it too late to make an investment now and save tax?
Date: 24 Jun 2016

Absolutely not! If you are looking at last minute investments to save tax, read on. How many requests from your company’s finance department to submit investment documents have you avoided till now? If you’ve been contemplating the whole year and think that it’s too late now to make an investment, you are wrong.

Zika Outbreak: What you need to know
Date: 24 Jun 2016

The sudden outbreak of Zika Virus has raised an epidemic alarm throughout the world. Popularly known for causing birth deformities in new-borns, Zika affects humans just like any other virus. India needs to be extremely cautious since Zika is spread through the same Aedes Aegypti mosquito that’s responsible for Dengue and Chikungunya.

What are the Benefits of Health Insurance?
Date: 24 Jun 2016

With rising medical costs, you need a means to bring down expenses in the event of a medical emergency. Having a health policy that covers you and your family will come to great assistance when you are faced with a sudden medical problem. Anyone from age 18 to 65 can avail it and there is a plan available for every budget.