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What Not to Do for Weight Loss
What Not to Do for Weight Loss

All you need to do to lose weight in a healthy manner is to take meals regularly and prepone your dinner hour considerably, latest by eight. One of the best ways to lose weight is to opt for a low-calorie diet, fresh veggies and fruits. And most importantly, exercise on daily basis as physical activity like gyming, yoga, walking and running help lose weight.

Summers Are Here: 10 Cool Ways to Beat the Heat
Summers Are Here: 10 Cool Ways to Beat the Heat

What do you think of when we shout out ‘Summer’? Picnics or relaxing at the beach or sipping on chilled ice-tea?

While this would just be the hunky-dory side of summer, let’s not forget that summer has a gruesome face too. The unbearable heat and humid climate can lead to headaches, nausea, dizziness. Moreover, it can literally give you sleepless nights.

Healthy Recipes for Diabetes - Butter Chicken
Healthy Recipes for Diabetes

Preparation time: 26-30 minutes

Cook time: 31 -40 mins

Serve - 4


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6 Best Tips to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

When we think about weight loss, we think rigorous dieting and sometimes even about starvation! But, weight loss doesn’t mean resorting to crash diets. because ultimately, all these shortcuts just lead to weakness!

5 Unique Ways to De-Stress While Driving

This is so surprising that, something as common and unusual as driving has also lately been found to be associated with stress. Why Are heading from a time where long drives use to be stress busters to a time where driving has become stressful? That’s primarily because we are not making the most of these hours of driving!

4 Simple Tips for Hassle Free Driving

It is said that figuring out a problem is one thing and working towards it another. Having learnt about the health problems associated with long hours of driving, shall make it meaningful only if we learn to combat these problems effectively without heavy medications.

And here we have discussed effective ways to manage health hazards associated with long hours of daily driving.

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