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Guide for claiming Compensation on Lost, Delayed or Damaged Luggage


All your travel enthusiasm turns zero once you land and find out that your luggage has been stolen or damaged. It does not matter if you are at a place for business or leisure; luggage loss causes you the same amount of damage as well as delays in your desired schedules. It is advisable to take precautions beforehand, or the best way is you can opt for travel insurance that can save you during emergency times.

Steps To Claim Compensation For Damaged Luggage

Luggage loss can be stressful and panicking. However, as soon as you recover from your panic attack, these are some of the steps which you should follow in order to get back your luggage or claim back your damages:

  • Response immediately:As soon as you sense that your luggage is missing or there is some theft or damage, your first reaction should be to act and check with the airlines. You can reach up to help desk immediately if you are still in airport premises. If not, you can either mail them or write to them on their website. While you are registering your complaint make sure you also describe in brief about your luggage.
  • Fill in the details carefully:After you contact the airlines, you will be asked to fill up a form in the name of PIR (property irregularity report), an official document which you need to fill in during luggage lost by airlines. You will need to fill in:
    • Reservation number and details
    • Specifications of your luggage
    • The luggage tag number is given at the time of check-in
    • Your details and accommodation information.
  • Allowances for loss:In case you lost your money along with your luggage then you can claim for some extra amount of money for survival. You will either be given cash or some voucher which you can redeem for purchasing necessary items. Sometimes instead of paying you lump sum amount you will be asked to incur expenses and present the bill in front of the officials and you will be refunded back with that amount.
  • Claim overnight kit:Almost every airline has an overnight kit ready for contingency situations. You can claim for one while claiming for the allowances. It would contain the basic items like shampoo, soap, toothbrush, a pair of clothes, etc. all the necessary items for survival until you get back your luggage
  • Keep a track:It is necessary to keep a track on the process while you have claimed for your luggage. If it is going slow, you can notify them and try to make it a little fast by explaining your emergency to the officials.

Travelling is an awesome experience and fun, but it is also important for unwinding, relaxing, to de-stress, and to replenish your energies. You also get to spend quality time with friends and family while traveling and collect unforgettable memories. Buying travel insurance from Bharti AXA will help you to relish all your time spent during your trip.

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