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A Guide to Pre-Existing Condition Coverage

A Guide To Pre-Existing Condition Coverage

Travel insurance companies provide us with loads of convenient options that help us plan our trip. They offer travel insurance for students and senior citizens as well. Their policies cover a wide range of casualties and possible mishaps that may take place during a trip. This includes instances like check-in baggage loss, health problems, tour cancellation, emergency financial issues and legal issues, emergency evacuation, etc. The travel insurance company lays down various plans and give their customers the benefit of choosing a specific plan according to their own requirements.

What is a Pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition is defined as an injury, illness or any other medical condition which takes place before the commencement of the planned trip, thus resulting in the change of prescriptions and possible diagnosis. Many a times, just before the starting of the trip, the tourist experiences some health issues and problems. Mostly travel insurance policies exclude the pre-existing condition waiver but there exist some travel insurance plans that cover the medical expenses related to the pre-existing conditions by offering a waiver to the excluded services. Possessing a pre-existing coverage satisfies the customer by letting them be aware that the medical policy excluding the pre-condition coverage is effective and in motion.

If a tourist suffers from any medical condition and does not apply for the pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver with their travel insurance companies, then the tourist would not get the benefit of effective medical coverage provided under the travel insurance policy. The losses incurred because of the pre-existing medical condition would not be accepted as a valid insurance claim since the original coverage was not purchased. But their medical coverage for non pre-existing medical condition would still be valid. This further implies that there won’t be any need for canceling the trip or facing an interruption in the ongoing trip due to any medical conditions.

Look-Back period: What is a look-back period and how is it related to pre-existing medical condition coverage?

Look-Back period refers to the time period prior to the effective date of the travel insurance policy. This is basically a review period for pre-existing medical claims. If you are healthy and mentally stable during the look-back period, then the pre-existing medical condition claim is termed invalid. The look-back period varies from plan to plan but is mostly between 60-180 days.

Things to Keep In Mind Regarding This Coverage

  • The coverage amount that is purchased should equal all pre-paid non-refundable payments that are applied to your trip.
  • Make sure your health condition is steady and stable while purchasing the travel insurance plan.
  • It is recommended that the traveller purchase the travel insurance plan as early as possible. Delay in the purchase leads to an increase in the premium amount.
  • The entire trip should be covered in the insurance plan.
  • Travel insurance for students and for senior citizens also cover the pre-existing condition exclusion waiver.

Pre-existing condition limitations:

Travel insurance companies do not appreciate the use of the pre-existing medical claims to claim the following:

  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Baggage delay
  • Accidental death
  • Collision damage waiver
  • Repatriation

Travel Insurance plans generally stick to their regulations but have made it possible for the customers to purchase a plan that offers an exclusion waiver as long as all the rules and policies are strictly adheredto.

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