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Guide For Choosing The Best Private Health Insurance


Given the increasing instances of diseases and the rising health care costs, it has become imperative to purchase a health insurance policy. And yet according to a report of National Health Profile, only 34 percent of people in India have adequate health insurance.

Most people in India think of health insurance as a costly investment. This is mainly due to an improper understanding of the policy amongst the masses. Moreover, even if someone plans to purchase a policy, they have no idea where to begin or how to choose the correct one. In this article, we have listed six crucial parameters that can help in selecting an ideal health insurance policy. Read on to know more.

1. Choose the Sum Insured Wisely

While purchasing a plan, the first thing you must decide is the sum insured. It is the amount of money that the insurer will cover for you. Therefore, you must choose the sum insured based on your age, location and marital status.

Always remember that your medical needs will rise as you get older. Moreover, if you live in a metro city, the chances are the hospital's bills will be higher. So, always go for a plan that offers the maximum sum insured.

2. Plan with Minimum Waiting Period

The waiting period is the time slot during which an insurer does not provide cover to the policyholder for pre-existing diseases. It generally extends from 2 to 4 years and varies from company to company.

It is crucial that you go for a policy that offers the minimum waiting period. Moreover, you must also note the fact that any illness caused due to the pre-existing illness is also not covered until the waiting period is over. For instance, if you have diabetes at the time of purchase, kidney failure might also be excluded from the policy cover as it is caused by diabetes.

3. Maximum Age-Renewal

Renewal age is the age limit up to which a policyholder can renew his policy. While selecting the policy always go for a plan that offers lifetime renewability.

As with age, the number of ailments increase and being without health insurance at that time can quickly deplete your savings.

4. Go for the Plans with the Highest Sub-limits

Health insurance plans have limits on the per day expenses in case of hospitalisation. One of these expenses is the room rent a person has to pay.

Choose a plan that offers you the highest slab on room rent and other expenses incurred during your stay at the hospital.

5. Claim Settlement Process

If your policy claim is not settled during the time of need, then the whole purpose of buying a health insurance policy becomes redundant.

In many cases, insures take a lot of time in settling claims. Therefore it is imperative that you buy the policy from an insurer who has the best claim settlement process.

It will help you in ensuring that your claim will be settled until the insurance company has a valid reason not to.

6. Pre/Post Hospitalization Costs

Before making a purchase always check if the policy covers pre/post hospitalisation expenses. Most of the times, insurers provide cover for expenses incurred during hospitalisation. They exclude the costs of follow-up doctor visits, check-ups medicines and other expenses. Which is why it is crucial to choose the policy that covers these extra expenses too.

And there you have it, tips that can help you in selecting a comprehensive health insurance policy . Now if you are thinking where you would find a plan that has all these benefits? Worry not Explore from the comprehensive health plan of Bharti AXA GI and get your quote today!

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