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Great Reads for your Travels


Books are believed to be man’s best friends. Reading books ignites your imaginations and takes you to places in the world. Avid readers always carry a book with them while travelling. When you are alone books can be a good company. If you are travelling to farther places or travelling solo, you may consider picking up a book with you. We are listing some of the great reads for you to read while you are travelling.

Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” One of the best books by Paulo Coelho and a critically acclaimed novel is many people's favourite list. The book revolves around a story of a shepherd named Santiago and his journey to achieve his dream to discover a treasure at the Egyptian pyramids.

The wild places by Robert Macfarlane

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” The wild places comprise of travel stories of writers journey to 15 British Isles. In each chapter, the writer depicts his journey of these locations and asks a question to himself that, “Are there any wild places left in Britain and Ireland?”

Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert

“I crossed the street to walk in the sunshine.” One of the most acclaimed travel books, it is about a woman in her thirties who travels to gain back the balance and content in life.

The hippie by Paulo Coelho

“The worst killing is that which kills the joy we get from life.” The autobiography of the writer revolves around his visit to South America and what happens when he crosses path with a hipster.

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

“I don't know what frightens me more, the power that crushes us, or our endless ability to endure it.” The story of Shantaram revolves around an Australian prisoner who flew to Bombay serving in slum areas. From a drug addict to weapon smuggler to fighting for his beliefs and building an honest life.

The god of small things, Arundhati Roy

“If you're happy in a dream, does that count?" The story revolves around the life of fraternal twins, capturing the casteism. Communism and Christian life in Kerala in the late 70s

Travelling takes you to the places, and reading books takes your imaginations to the places. In the available time, while travelling, one can always read a book of his/her choice not just for entertainment but for the knowledge and story the book is offering. Reading is as essential as travelling safely; one shall always be prepared for unforeseen events with travel insurance . Any illness, medical requirements, loss of documents, loss or delay of checked baggage can be covered under travel insurance.

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