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Get Your Hyundai i10 Insurance Online Just A Couple Of Minutes


For those not aware, Hyundai is a South Korean car manufacturer producing cars successfully in India at their Chennai factory under a wholly owned subsidiary known as by Hyundai Motor India Limited. The Hyundai i10 car was launched on 31st October 2007.


This variant of the car by Hyundai has gained in popularity over the years among customers simply because of two reasons – their cost-effectiveness and elegance. These i10 Hyundai cars are available in both petrol and diesel models. The prices of these cars vary from anywhere between Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 8 lakhs.


Why Do You Need Insurance?


Now that you are a proud owner of a Hyundai i10, you also need to think of insurance before you drive your brand new car on Indian roads. This is simply because Indian laws do not permit any vehicle to be driven without third party insurance coverage. This is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act.


However, the vehicle owner can have comprehensive insurance coverage instead. This will not only cover the third party liabilities but also other benefits the car owner must need to protect him or herself from various unforeseen financial liabilities in future.


A Hyundai i10 car insurance provides the car owner with exactly such benefits.


Important Features of Hyundai i10 Car Insurance


Still in doubt? Take a look at the list of features of an i10 insurance policy.


  • It covers all third party liabilities of individuals or third party property in case of accidents
  • It ensures coverages which are comprehensive in nature and protects the car owner from the future financial burden
  • The car owner is provided with cashless transaction facility in listed service centres located in the country
  • It provides assistance in all level of claim settlement so that the process is fast, and the end result is quick


Benefits Under Only Third Party Insurance Coverage


i10 insurance coverage broadly covers the following liabilities:


  • All financial liability which may be forthcoming due to some road accident which has resulted in injury to a victim or his or her death
  • All financial liability which has resulted in loss or damages to third party property due to an accident


Benefits of Comprehensive Insurance Coverage


Hyundai i10 car insurance offers various benefits under the comprehensive scheme. Check them out here.


  • The i10 insurance policy covers all financial liabilities in regard to third party claims
  • The substantial repair cost of damage suffered by the car owing to a road accident
  • Full compensation in case of theft of the car
  • Full compensation for all losses and damages suffered by the car due to natural calamities
  • Full compensation of loss and damages suffered by the car because of fire, explosion or any act of terror
  • It also covers the owner from all liabilities in case the owner is inflicted in any way in a road accident
  • Individual compensation to the occupants of the car affected by an accident


Features Not Covered Under the Comprehensive Insurance Policy


Remember that every policy has its list of exclusions. It is not different for Hyundai i10 car insurance plan either.


The following are generally exclusions which you may expect to find in such a policy where you cannot claim insurance coverage:


  • The normal ageing of the car or usual mechanical failures
  • The replacement of ageing tyres unless the tyres and the car were damaged due to an accident
  • Any loss or damage to the car when it was driven without a valid license
  • When the driver is found to be driving the car under the influence of drugs, alcohol. etc.
  • The car is found to be used for illegal purposes under the law
  • Any loss or damages suffered by the car due to an accident outside India
  • The car is used for purposes which are not meant for a car, for example, the car is being used for the carriage of goods, etc.
  • Any damage due to nuclear hazards


i10 Insurance Policy Offers Attractive Add-Ons


You can always have extra protection at an additional premium on the Hyundai i10 car insurance policy.


  • Protection of Engine: This coverage is essential to car owners residing in localities where heavy rainfalls take place. All repair cost of the engine is covered which result in the car due to submerge in rainwater.
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB): It’s an incentive for safe driving. When an owner regularly practices safe driving then obviously, he or she is avoiding road accidents. This will result in no claim to the insurance company. In such a scenario the insurance company offers a “No Claim Bonus” to the car owner which is a discount to be availed by the car owner at the time of renewal of the car insurance policy.
  • Zero Depreciation: This add-on provides the car owner to realise full claim to damages to rubber, glass, plastic and fibre parts of the car.
  • Passenger Cover: This add-on covers all financial liabilities if the passengers of the car are injured or die due to a road accident.


Discounts Available to The Car Owners


Check if you are eligible for any special discounts or offers at the time of policy purchase or renewal.


  • No Claim Bonus as stated above
  • Accident Cover which includes person working in a noble profession like teaching in government institutions are offered a discount in the premium of own damage coverage
  • An additional discount is granted if the car is fitted with anti-theft gadget approved by the authorities as specified by the insurance company
  • An additional discount is also allowed to the car owner who is member of Automobile Association of India (AAI)


Buy Your i10 Insurance Policy Online


Once you have decided to buy a Hyundai i10 car insurance policy, it can be easily obtained online.


Visit the official website of i10 insurance company. Compare the insurance scheme displayed on the website. Find out the insurance coverage most suitable for your car at the lowest cost.


Submit the details such as the make of the car, manufacturing details, registration number etc. Submit the premium amount, KYC details of the car owner, such as identity and address proof.


Get your mobile number registered for future assistance. Next, you will be directed to make the payment of the premium amount which can be done instantly through internet banking.


With this process completed, you are all set with your i10 insurance plan.

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