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Get Medical Assistance with Travel Insurance!


Imagine you’re at a foreign location enjoying your trip. God forbid, but what if you suddenly fall ill or have a serious accident? Where do you turn to for medical advice? Or to locate a trustworthy physician?

You don’t want your trip to end up like a nightmare due to illness or medical emergency, do you?

Be it a seasoned traveller or a newbie, one just cannot stop the unexpected from happening.

That’s why, find out what steps to take in dealing with emergency medical care abroad. Also, learn how your international travel insurance plan can financially save you in such times.

Common Reasons for Seeking Medical Care Abroad

You never know what unexpected surprises every trip awaits us. But many common reasons have been observed for which travellers seek medical care when in a foreign country.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Fever
  • Animal bite/scratch
  • Obstetric
  • Dialysis
  • Neurologic crisis
  • Cardiovascular related disease
  • Gastrointestinal illness
  • Allergic reaction
  • Respiratory illness

Get Help with Medical Emergency Abroad

  • Locating healthcare providers and facilities

If you are seriously injured or ill abroad, you can consult an officer from the Indian embassy and take their help in locating medical service centres.

Think locating a physician abroad is difficult? Well it may not be that difficult indeed. The embassy or consulate may not recommend individual doctors on the list.

You would have to call the hotline of your insurer who would connect you to an assistance centre that gives you the referral of a physician.

Other ways are finding list of doctors and clinics that are on the ‘yellow pages’ list of the local telephone book. You can also check the hotel and resort doctors who can visit you at your room to initiate treatment. Another method that has been tested time and again is taking personal recommendations from the locals.

  • Coping with sudden illness or injury

You need to be patient while dealing with foreign doctors. Due to cultural differences, their attitude and approach towards patients differs from that of the doctors in your home country.

Don’t forget to pack a travel kit wherever you go. Try to stay calm, you may already be having the medicine for treating minor injuries.

If you have a deep injury, trouble in breathing, or abdominal pain, don’t waste time in trying to find a local physician. Instead, rush to the nearest hospital.

Things to Note before Travelling Abroad

These are few things to keep in mind before you decide to travel abroad:

  • Travel with prescription medications

If at all you’re someone who faces pre-existing diseases, then you need to carry a letter by your consulting physician, explaining the medical condition and prescription medications. This would also include generic names of prescribed drugs.

Wait! Just remember that sometimes, prescription drugs could be considered as illegal narcotics in a foreign country. Make sure you verify this with the embassy of the country that you are visiting. 

  • Collect health care contact information before you leave

Before travelling abroad, gather as much of information as you can. If you’re seeking a transplant abroad, find out about source of tissues and organs.

If you aren’t familiar with the country you’re visiting then do look up for medical and health insurance information online.

Certain countries require foreign travellers to be vaccinated before entering the country. Figure out if international certification of vaccination or any other medical proof is needed before entry requirements.

  • Avoid travelling when already sick

It’s better to travel when you’re healthy enough. Try to avoid travelling when ill. At times, a traveller may be hesitant about cancelling a trip or postponing it when ill because of the money already invested in it.

Fortunately, your insurer may cover trip cancellation which will protect your investment in case of sudden cancellation of the trip.

Need for Travel Insurance – Are You Medically Covered Overseas?

An overseas travel insurance cover can help you fly across continents with ease.

It protects you financially from unexpected events such as flight cancellation, emergency medical treatment, or baggage loss that could possibly occur during travel.

Before you travel overseas, make sure you have an exhaustive travel insurance plan that also covers medical expenses. Especially emergency medical coverage and medical evacuation for you and your family. Most medical plans offer coverage with sub-limits and deductibles.

With Bharti AXA travel insurance, you’d come across some essential medical coverage features. They vary from one plan to another. Some of them are:

  • Accidental Death and  Permanent Total Disablement – Common carrier
  • Dental treatment
  • Personal Accident
  • Medical expenses including repatriation and emergency medical evacuation

Call your insurer

In case of emergency hospitalization due to accidents,  or any other medical emergency, make it a point to first call your insurer.

Your insurer needs to be informed so that they can begin processing your health insurance claim

This ensures a relaxed trip and the emergency assistance gives you access to some local person who knows the language. This can help you deal with the situation wherever you may be.

Medical calamities can strike anytime. But, when your trip is insured with Bharti AXA travel insurance, you can focus on enjoying your stay more than anything else. :)

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