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Follow These Tips to Get Your Hyundai Car Insurance Online!


Once you have decided to purchase a car, ensure that you concurrently explore the appropriate insurance policies for the vehicle. A well-insured car ensures that you have a secure driving experience. Hyundai offers one of the most reliable cars in the Indian market. Hyundai Cars are known for their durability, mileage, and low cost. When you buy your Hyundai car, it is imperative that you buy a car insurance to ensure a safe and secure driving experience. A host of insurance companies in India offer an all-round insurance for your Hyundai. Following are some tips to buy your Hyundai Car Insurance online.

Comprehend The Type Of Policy Required

When you are perusing for your Hyundai car insurance policy, you will come across different types of coverage provided by the insurers. The two major coverages are – Comprehensive cover and Third-party cover.

  • Third-party Cover- The third-party insurance plan covers financial liabilities that arise from damage of third-party property or death of a third-party.
  • Comprehensive Cover- Comprehensive cover provides an umbrella protection to your Hyundai; from protection against damage, theft or loss of the car and Personal Accident Cover for owner-driver, to the third-party benefits.

There are multiple add-on covers like Road side assistance, Depreciation cover, etc. that can be availed along with the insurance cover. Add-on covers can be bought over and above your base insurance plan at additional cost. They provide you with a range of added benefits. Thus, determine your insurance requirements and find the insurance policy that suits your needs perfectly.

Compare Different Policies

Digitization has ensured that you get to compare insurance policies of different providers online and get the car insurance quote for your Hyundai. Comparing not only gives you access to better coverage options, but also is cost-effective and time-saving.

Utilize The Option To Choose Your Coverage

You can choose a custom cover for your Hyundai vis-a-vis choosing the coverage type, the add-on, the policy term, etc. This customization can help you choose a car insurance suited for your specific needs and requirements.

Choose The Correct Value Of Coverage

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) determines the cost of the premium on your car insurance policy. Input the correct IDV while buying an Insurance policy for your Hyundai Car. Under-valuing will result in you paying a huge chunk of the claim amount from your pocket, while over-valuing this amount can create multiple hassles during your claim process or even rejection of claim.


To conclude, it is imperative that you buy a car insurance policy with correct coverage for your Hyundai. A comprehensive Hyundai insurance plan will safeguard your Hyundai, you, and any third-party liabilities.

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